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ACCT 2302-102: Principles of Accounting II LABInstructor InformationInstructor(s)Office HoursCourse InformationSection Information:Time and Place of Class MeetingsDescription of Course ContentStudent Learning OutcomesRequired Textbooks and Other Course MaterialsStudent ResponsibilitiesDescriptions of major assignments and examinationsGrading InformationGradingGrade Grievances:Institutional InformationAdditional InformationFace Covering PolicyAttendanceEmergency Exit ProceduresAcademic Success CenterThe English Writing Center (411LIBR)Emergency Phone NumbersCourse ScheduleACCT 2302-102: Principles of Accounting II LABSpring 2022Instructor InformationInstructor(s)Dr. Stephanie Rasmussen (instructor of record) [email protected] leader – TBD Office HoursDr. Rasmussen’s office hours are by appointment. Please ask your lab leader for tutoring hours.Course InformationSection Information: ACCT 2302-102Time and Place of Class MeetingsMondays from 4:30pm-5:20pm in classroom TBD. This is an on-campus class meaning that all classsessions will occur on UTA’s campus during the regularly scheduled time. Students are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in all class sessions. Failure to do so will negatively affect the grade earned for the ACCT 2302 lecture course. Description of Course ContentThe official course description of ACCT 2302 is “A study of managerial accounting concepts and techniques. Topics include cost behavior, budgeting, responsibility accounting, and product costing.Prerequisite: ACCT 2301 with a grade of C or higher.” The lab is intended to provide more opportunities to practice the concepts and problems discussed in class and receive help in doing thiswork.Student Learning OutcomesThe lab is intended to help you successfully achieve the learning objectives of the ACCT 2302 course which are:- Student Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate a foundational knowledge of managerial accounting. Means to Achieve: Read about, discuss, and practice basic concepts and techniques of managerial accounting.- Student Learning Outcome 2: Demonstrate critical thinking skills. Means to Achieve: Apply product costing techniques, classify costs by behavior, conduct cost-volume-profit analysis, prepare budgets, conduct cost-benefit analysis, and evaluate performance.- Student Learning Outcome 3: Develop a professional identity. Means to Achieve: Attend class, use appropriate email etiquette, develop Excel skills, and adhere to ethical standards.Required Textbooks and Other Course Materials1. Textbook and MyAccountingLab: Managerial Accounting Sixth Edition (Braun and Tietz, Pearson 2021). Please see your ACCT 2302 course syllabus for more information.2. Calculator: You will need a calculator for each lab session in order to complete the lab assignments.3. Canvas: We will use Canvas for online management of this course. 1Student ResponsibilitiesThe labs cover material concurrently with the ACCT 2302 course sections. Because of the variety ofACCT 2302 and lab sections available, students must be prepared to discuss material and completeexercises and quiz questions related to material that may not yet have been discussed in lecture. The following expectations are designed to help students succeed and to ensure that the labs are helpful:1. Prepare for each lab session by reading the relevant chapter in your textbook and beginning to work through the chapter homework assignments before your lab section meets.2. Arrive to the lab on time.3. Be respectful of the lab leader and your classmates.4. Actively participate in group activities, communicate in a professional manner with your classmates, and complete and turn in the lab assignments.Descriptions of major assignments and examinationsLab Assignments: Students will complete two assignments in each lab: a group activity and an individual activity. A total of 6 points are available in each lab session, and points are awarded based on student effort (group assignment) and accuracy (individual assignment). Grading will take place as follows:Group Activity (4 points possible).<< You will earn a score of 4 points if your Group Activity submission indicates appropriate effort on the group problem.< Your submission will not be graded for accuracy.< If you show no effort or an inappropriate amount of effort for the requirements of the problem, you will receive a score of 0 points.< Each group member must submit his/her own group activity showing completed work – one document cannot be submitted for the entire group. The solution to the Group Activity will be made available in the "Group Activity Solutions" Module within the Canvas course for this lab once all labs have completed this activity.< Dates when solutions will become available are noted in the Course Schedule of the lab syllabus.< Please compare your Group Activity submission to the solution to ensure you know how to correctly work the problem on your own.Individual Activity (2 points possible).< You will earn 0 points if you do not submit the Individual Activity.< You will earn 0.5 points if you submit the Individual Activity but answer all of the questions incorrectly.< You will earn 1 point if you submit the Individual Activity and correctly answer one question.< You will earn 1.5 points if you submit the Individual Activity and correctly answer two questions.< You will earn 2 points if you submit the Individual Activity and correctly answer all three questions.The lab will meet 11 times over the course of the semester, and your lowest one lab score will be dropped from your point total. This results in total possible lab points for the semester of 60. All points earned in the lab will be incorporated into the calculation of your course grade for the three-credit ACCT 2302 lecture course.Lab assignments must be completed and submitted in each in-person lab session. Make-up opportunities are not allowed for missed lab sessions. The solutions for the group activity will be posted to a module of your Canvas lab course called “Group Activity Solutions” once all labs for that lesson are complete. Please see the course schedule for dates when these solutions will be posted.2Grading InformationGradingThe lab is tied into the ACCT 2302 lecture course. Points earned in the lab will be included in the calculation of your final course grade for the ACCT 2302 lecture course. The lab comprises 60 possible points, approximately 5% of your possible points for ACCT

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