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ACCT 2302 005 Principles of Accounting II Spring 2022 Instructor Information Instructor Michael Prachyl CPA MS Tax Office Number COBA 240D Office Telephone Number 817 272 7029 Department phone number Email Address michael prachyl uta edu Faculty Profile https mentis uta edu explore profile michael prachyl Office Hours 7 00 8 00pm Monday and Wednesday or by appointment Course Information Section Information and Time and Place of Class Meetings ACCT 2302 005 Monday and Wednesday 5 30 to 6 50PM COBA 147 Jan 18 2022 May 3 2022 This is an on campus class meaning that the majority of class sessions will occur on UTA s campus during the regularly scheduled time Students are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in all class sessions All exams will be taken in person at UTA s campus on select Fridays See the Course Scheduled later in the syllabus for exam dates and times Exam locations will be communicated approximately one week prior to each exam Description of Course Content The official course description of ACCT 2302 is A study of managerial accounting concepts and techniques Topics include cost behavior budgeting responsibility accounting and product costing Prerequisite ACCT 2301 with a grade of C or higher I suspect that you are anxious to find out how this class will connect to your interests and future plans For those of you who are accounting majors you are probably wondering how managerial accounting differs from financial accounting and whether managerial accounting is something you will enjoy For those of you who are non accounting majors you may feel this class is a hurdle you need to overcome on the path to your major coursework I strongly believe that this is the most useful accounting class you will ever take I say that not because I teach the class but because one of the most important uses of accounting information is to help managers and business professionals make day to day internal business decisions We will be learning how to use accounting information for internal decision making all semester long That makes this class incredibly relevant for anyone who expects to work for an organization where money comes in as revenue or donations and money is spent 1 Student Learning Outcomes At the end of this course I hope you will have a foundational knowledge of managerial accounting improved critical thinking skills and an enhanced professional identity The means will use to achieve these learning outcomes are as follows Student Learning Outcome 1 Demonstrate a foundational knowledge of managerial accounting Means to Achieve Read about discuss and practice basic concepts and techniques of managerial accounting Student Learning Outcome 2 Demonstrate critical thinking skills Means to Achieve Apply product costing techniques classify costs by behavior conduct cost volume profit analysis prepare budgets conduct cost benefit analysis and evaluate performance Student Learning Outcome 3 Develop a professional identity Means to Achieve Attend class use appropriate email etiquette develop Excel skills and adhere to ethical standards Required Textbooks and Other Course Materials Digital MyAccountingLab access and e textbook o This course is participating in a new program to provide digital course materials on or before the first day of class at a reduced cost The 95 cost for your digital materials will be charged to your UTA student account and you will have access to the materials through Canvas Course fees are associated with course registration o Your course materials included in the course fee contain the e version of the course textbook as well as MyAccountingLab course access MyAccountingLab with Pearson eText for Managerial Accounting 6th edition which is designed to enrich student success by providing instant feedback on your assignments plus on demand access to personalized study plans a multimedia library practice tests and more o For more information about this program please see the E text and Digital Access to MyAccountingLab page in the Getting Started Module of our Canvas course For further questions contact your campus bookstore at uta bkstr com or 817 272 2785 o For students who prefer to use a physical copy of the textbook a loose leaf printed copy is available for purchase through MyAccountingLab use the Purchase Options link in the left hand side menu The cost of the loose leaf printed copy is 29 99 o Canvas o Microsoft Teams We will use Canvas for online management of this course Optional online office hour appointments and a few select class sessions may be held via Microsoft Teams Download Microsoft Teams here Teams link You will be prompted to login with your UTA email address and NetID in order to download Microsoft Teams Each student is required to have a working personal o Personal computer and webcam computer and webcam It is encouraged that webcams are used when participating in certain aspects of online class sessions and during online office hour appointments Other Technology Requirements Descriptions of major assignments and examinations Homework Assignments MyAccountingLab contains an assignment for each chapter called Homework The purpose of homework is to provide an opportunity for you to practice chapter related problems outside of class and help reinforce those critical thinking skills necessary to do well on the examinations You will also develop Excel skills through several homework problems this semester You have three submission attempts per homework question You must follow the instructions given in MyAccountingLab for inputting your answer or the system will mark your answer wrong The homework assignment for each chapter must be completed by 11 59pm Central Time on the due date listed in the Course Schedule of the syllabus You will not be able to complete homework after the due date has passed and there will be no opportunities to make up missed homework assignments Students are strongly encouraged to begin and complete homework assignments 2 early to avoid missing the submission deadline There are 10 homework assignments worth 15 points each Your one lowest homework score will be dropped when calculating your total homework points for the course A total of 135 points are available from homework assignments 9 homeworks x 15 points each Homework assignments can be accessed using 1 the homework link within each chapter module of Canvas or 2 the Assignments link on the left hand side menu of our Canvas course Podcasts You will

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