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MARK 3321: Principles of MarketingInstructor InformationInstructor(s)Office NumberOffice Telephone NumberEmail AddressFaculty ProfileOffice HoursCourse InformationSection InformationTime and Place of Class MeetingsDescription of Course ContentStudent Learning OutcomesRequired Textbooks and Other Course MaterialsDescriptions of major assignments and examinationsTechnology RequirementsGrading InformationGradingBrief Quizzes: Five online brief quizzes designed to keep you immersed in reading the chapters. The quizzes will pop up on Monday mornings, and will be due the following Monday by noon. Notice will be provided in the syllabus when the quizzes will pop up, as well as a reminder email. Each quiz will have a few multiple-choice questions so you can 1) get a feel for how I ask test questions, and 2) demonstrate that you are keeping up with the text materials. There are NO make-ups for quizzes – once the deadline is passed, you have no late submittals allowed. These are open for an entire week to complete, and you need to get in the habit of observing deadlines.Marketing Research Experience Program (REP): The Department of Marketing at the University of Texas-Arlington requires each student enrolled in Principles of Marketing (MARK 3321) to participate in the department’s Research Experience Program (REP). The purpose of the REP is to provide an exposure to the process by which knowledge in marketing is developed, and to enhance students’ appreciation of the nature and role of marketing research topics and methods. Additional information about the REP Program is on the class website and on the UTA Marketing Department website. Completing the REP Program requirements is not difficult, and will have a positive impact on your semester grade. It is worth 5% of your semester grade, or up to 25 points.Make-up ExamsExpectations for Out-of-Class StudyGrade GrievancesCourse ScheduleMARK 3321-032 ONLINE SECTION MARKETING PRINCIPLES, Spring 2022Institution InformationAdditional InformationMandatory Face Covering Policy All students and instructional staff are required to wear facial coverings while they are on campus, inside buildings and classrooms. Students that fail to comply with the facial covering requirement will be asked to leave the class session. If students need masks, they may obtain them at the Central Library, the E.H. Hereford University Center’s front desk or in their department. Students who refuse to wear a facial covering in class will be asked to leave the session by the instructor, and, if the student refuses to leave, they may be reported to UTA’s Office of Student Conduct.Academic IntegrityAttendanceE-Culture PolicyStudent Success ProgramsThe English Writing Center (411LIBR)Librarian to ContactEmergency Phone NumbersLibrary InformationResearch or General Library HelpMARK 3321: Principles of MarketingSpring 2022Instructor InformationInstructor(s)Dr. Michael RicharmeOffice NumberCOB 234Office Telephone Number817-272-2878Email [email protected] Faculty Profilehttp://mentis.uta.edu/explore/profile/michael-richarme Office HoursMW 2-3 p.m. via Microsoft Teams. The Teams link is: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19%3amGpX7ZhzxZg1uH80LtP2Vf5N19s9J_dqN4ptBGDX-io1%40thread.tacv2/1638979131202?context=%7b%22Tid%22%3a%225cdc5b43-d7be-4caa-8173-729e3b0a62d9%22%2c%22Oid%22%3a%2295814a8a-6762-4e58-8ca1-b5e863937b8d%22%7d Course InformationSection InformationMARK 3321-032, 28345Time and Place of Class MeetingsAsynchronous Online sections via UTA Canvas This class does NOT have a regularly scheduled meeting time. As an asynchronous course, the materials are on the Teams class site and available 24/7 for the students to utilize. The professor provides videos each week over the course materials, but these are NOT a substitute for carefully reading the text and taking notes, as you would do in a face-to-face class.Description of Course ContentSurvey of activities involved in marketing. Emphasis is on developing a managerial point of view in planning and evaluating marketing decisions of the firm. Analyzes decisions with respect to products, price, channel, and promotional variables and considers questions relating to cost efficiency, demand, social responsibility and regulations.Student Learning OutcomesBased on active learning and participation in this course, students will be able to:- Understand the fundamental concepts and practices in marketing- Become knowledgeable of the structure of marketing, its past and probable future- Recognize the numerous decision areas facing marketing decision makers- Utilize a reasoned frame of reference for dealing with marketing decisions- Demonstrate familiarity with the complex environment that affects marketing decisions1- Effectively communicate to diverse audiences in a concise and reasoned mannerRequired Textbooks and Other Course MaterialsMKTG, 13th Edition, by Charles W. Lamb, Joseph F. Hair, Jr., and Carl McDaniel; Publisher: CENGAGE Learning;HISBN13: 9780357127803.H- Access3to Cengage’s MindTap online3materials3is required for this course. H- MindTap is3included3in your tuition through the Inclusive Access (IA) program.3Benefits ofHIA include:HHo Included in your tuition at onlyH$47H(saving you close toH$10)HHo Automatic access on Day 1 of the semestero Cengage Mobile App included with MindTap & eBookHH- MindTapHincludes the full electronic textbook for you to access through your internet browser or on a mobile app. H- PrintHversions are available at the bookstore. The physical textbook is not required. H- AdditionalHreadings, Power Point slides, and other materials will be posted on Canvas. H- You can pay for Inclusive Access with your tuition and the price with tax is $47. You can get this price later as well till the end of the add/drop period. After the add/drop period, the price will be $60." HYou can access 3 MindTap 3 materials through your Canvas account 3 as follows :HHAccess Your Canvas CourseH1. Log into Canvas and select your courseH2. Click on ModulesH3. The e-book materials can be seen in aHModule titledH“Lamb MKTG 13e MindtapV2”H4. ClickHtheHlink at the topHof thisHmoduleH“2222-MARK-3321-032-PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING”H5. On the next screen,Hclick on the tabHtitledH“2222-MARK-3321-032-PRINCIPLES OF MARKETINGHin a new window”HHLink Your Cengage and3Canvas3AccountsH6. On the next screen,Hlog in to your CENGAGE account.HThis will link your Cengage andHCanvasHaccounts.

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