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2 CLASSIFICATION OF ENERGY SOURCES1. Renewable Energy Resources - Non-conventional sources of energy.- Alternate sources of energy.- Relatively new techniques developed by man.Solar Energy – man recently learnt how to harness solar energy. Sun there billions of years to come and this energy cannot be exhausted easily.- We can use the suns directly. To concentrate its heat, by using mirrors.- Sunny places used to make furnaces or to generate electricity. Solar Panels – made up of special material that absorb sunlight, convert the solar energy into chemical and electrical energy which is further used for various purpose like cooking, heating, lighting etc. NOTED:Commercial forms of solar cooker, solar water heaters, solar lights, solar cells etc. are now available.Community lighting and pimping of water is also done by solar energy in many rural areas where electricity is not available.Biomass – it’s a chemical energy stored in it.- It is burnt to provide heat or electricity or converted to liquid or gaseous bio-fuel.- Wood, Wood waste, animal excreta like cow dung etc.Bio-energy – the inexpensive and easily available cow dung is collected and processed in a special manner to release a gaseous fuel which is primarily for cooking and lighting purposes.- Less polluting and more efficient than the traditional cow-dung cakes.Hydel Energy – kinetic energy is the energy possessed by an object due to its movement.- Used to run machines, turbines and produce electricity.Hydroelectric Power – it’s moving water that a lot of energy and it’s used to generate electricity.- Flowing water of rivers is constantly replenished by the water cycle.Noted:Water is collected in dams and allowed to fall from height on turbines. These turbines are connected to generators which produce electricity.Wind Energy – used to run windmills which converts the wind energy to mechanical or electrical energy.- Windmill used to grind cereals.- Wind speed is high in coastal area where it is harnessed and converted to electrical energy.- Kinetic energy of fast moving wind is also used by man.Nuclear Energy – form of energy gets its name from the method of its production.- Nucleus of atoms of specific materials undergo fission or are split in a controlled environment.- This fission gives out tremendous amount of energy.- This energy converted to electrical energy.- The energy released in this process is so high that devastating bombs are also made on the same principle.Example:Hiroshima and Nagasaki we see that the same energy can be used by mankind to help itself or to destroy itself. The choice lies in the judicious decision of mankind. Noted:Nuclear NightmareWhen nuclear energy is harnessed for producing electricity, it is a peaceful use of nuclear energy. But, it is a very dangerous process and accidents have occurred in some of the nuclear reactors world over. Even in the absence of accidents, the radioactive materials from reactors can slowly poison the surroundings and cause untold damage to plants, animals and people.2) Non-renewable Energy Resources- present in limited amounts and cannot be renewed.Coal – provides approximately 67% of all the energy consumed.- Very complex and diverse energy resource that can vary greatly, even within the same deposit.Petroleum – is a thick dark liquid which present in pockets under the earth’s crust and has to -be drilled out. - Also called “crude oil“.Crude Oil – is refined in refineries to give us various products like petrol, diesel, kerosene, LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas), octane, furnace oil, naptha (used in fertilizer and chemical industries), asphalt (used in road surfacing and waterproofing), paraffin, lubricating oils and greases and many other substances.Natural Gas – occurs on top of petroleum deposits.- Basically methane gas.- Used as a domestic and industrial fuel.- Used as a fuel for locomotives.Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) – used as a fuel to run public transport vehicles.Noted:- As combustion of natural gas is less polluting than coal and petroleum products.- Coal, petroleum, and natural gas we are using today took about 250 million years to form. There is a limited amount of such fuels on earth and no new formation is taking

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