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The Alash intellectuals initially opposed the Soviet regime but some Qazaq people supported it Who among the Qazaqs supported the Soviet government and why Qazaq supporters of the Soviet regime were mostly representatives of the younger generation The Marxist Ideology was appealing to youngbloods such as Turar Ryskulov Abrakhman Baidildin because it had a promising future According to Marx communism was supposed to flourish in industrial countries in particular in Germany but the first to put his idea into practice was Russia As we know the industrial sector of Russia was poor relative to other European countries so the advent of communism to the Russian lands would solve the problem with industries The Turksib Railway is an example of such industrial solutions Many unemployed Qazaqs were involved in the construction of this railway and provided internships in regards to nativization The younger generation of the intelligentsia had a different vision they thought that the revolution was an opportunity to change things completely whereas the first generation recognized the revolution as an opportunity to reform and modernize the Qazaq people The debate of Baidildin and Baitursynov regarding the alphabet is an example of such a clash of interests Baidildin thought their alphabet at that time which was based on Arabic did not meet the requirements of a tool for cultural development and suggested switching over to the Latin alphabet According to Baidildin it is impossible to use the Arabic alphabet in medicine and pharmacology even if you spend 15 years within the walls of that scholarly institution you still make mistakes when reading However Baitursynov held a completely different position He says that it is faster to read in Arabic the words are distinguishable from each other Moreover for the representation of the sounds in the Kazakh language nineteen symbols from the Arabic system were taken without modification of their written form or the sound they represent compared to fifteen symbols of the Latin alphabet From the debate of Baidildin and Baitursynov it is clear that Baidildin was a supporter of the Soviet Regime but ironically he was executed before Baitursynov in 1931

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CTC HIST 2311 - What was the intention of the policy of “debayization”?

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