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CTC HIST 2311 - History of the World Conqueror

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How is the political message of Juvayni's"History of the World Conqueror" different fromthat of "The Secret History of the Mongols"?The political message of Juvayni differs from that of "The Secret History of Mongols" by the image of Chinggis Khan. In the eyes of Juvayni, Chinggis Khan is the wisest ruler with infinite power; no one can go against him. However, the author of "The Secret History of Mongols" tries to show Chinggis Khan's more human side: no matter how good was he, time takes its toll on most, just as other kings, Chinggis Khan won't be able to hold on to his power forever.From the first sentence of Juvayni's text, we can understand that his intention in writing this is to establish Chinggis Khan's authority among religious people. If we go in the text further, it is clear that his target is Muslims because there are moments when Juvayni explains Chinggis Khan's actions by sacred texts such as hadiths and Qoran. Juvayni is trying to convince religious people thatChinggis Khan is not a cruel conqueror; he is their punishment sent by God for all sins that they had done (1). Chinggis Khan's activities do not contradict with sayings from sacred texts, but somewhat they conform with the Shari'at (2).The author of "The Secret History of Mongols" tried to do the opposite. If in Juvayni's text, Chinggis Khan is God's favorite and has incomparable wisdom and intelligence, in "The Secret History of Mongols" he relies on the people surrounding him. The text starts with a Yisüi Qatun's advice about choosing the heir to the throne. Then when his sons quarreled, Kökö Chos was the one who resolved the disagreement, and in the end, Chinggis Khan left that choice to his sons who agreed to choose Ögödei. If we consider that the text has been composed while Ögödei was ruling, itmakes

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