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Running head: COVID-19 VACCINE 1COVID-19 VaccineStudent’s Name:Institution Affiliation:COVID-19 VACCINE 2COVID-19 VaccineDifferent characteristics contribute to reporting the news, which includes whether the news is negative, it is surprising, it impacts elite personalities, or is recent. The information aboutCOVID 19 pandemic brings different interpretations within since the outbreak where the different media platforms have been sharing such information to the entire world. Cable news outlets and websites have been playing an important role in giving updates about the pandemic. Both outlets have provided details about the same story, but the difference arises with the specificity of sources, presentation, range, and coverage. The current issue surrounding the worldis introducing the COVID vaccine, which raises different claims that are feeding the society witha different interpretation.Different news outlets such as CNN have been broadcasting the efficacy of different vaccines where the United States and other countries distribute the Modern and Pfizer-BioNTechvaccines. The news outlet managed to capture how the Pfizer-BioNtech COVID vaccine was accessible by FDA on November 20 for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) with main authorization starting from December 11, 2020. The vaccine is an mRNA type containing virus's spike protein where lipid nanoparticle is used for encapsulation. The spike protein churns out from the cells after injection, recognizing the virus after triggering the body's immune system. The vaccine manages to attain 95 percent during its Phase III trials (Terry, 2021). There is a needfor specialized freezers for storage of the vaccine, which requires about -94 degrees. The media manages to outline all that information for people to understand the underlying nature of the vaccine.Additionally, on November 16, the same news outlet, such as CNN, communicated aboutpreliminary data issued by Moderna describing their vaccine with an efficacy rate of 94.5COVID-19 VACCINE 3percent. On December 19, the FDA was able to authorize the vaccine. The Moderna vaccine's stability lies between 36 to 46 degrees, which is a temperature of a standard medical or home refrigerator (Terry, 2021). The news outlets shared this firsthand information to the public to show the effort and progress towards fighting the global pandemic.On the other hand, most people been working from home have been consuming information about the pandemic and vaccine from different sources such as websites and other online sources. However, despite the good news about the invention of the vaccine, there have been many critics about the vaccine (Bruce, 2020). Such digital platforms enable users to obtain information and share their views. Different people have been sharing information from differentparts of the world, arguing how the vaccine will play an important role in the world. Other people are being skeptical about COVID-19 immunization, thereby creating sides on pro-vaccineand anti-vaccine. The role of journalists is to gather information from different sources and to report to the public. The reports about the hesitancy of the vaccine provide a challenge towards overcoming the pandemic. Different journalists from different regions have been obtaining information from different websites for regular updates on the COVID-19 vaccine where they consider the people's views. Other information obtained from these platforms is the generalization by people about the vaccine's safety, which may lead to a fundamental problem (Bruce, 2020). Control of such information from reaching the public requires changing the narrative of journalists when conducting research. However, both news outlets and online sources, such as websites, have a similarity in their way of reporting about the vaccine. Both agree on the efficacy of the vaccine and the guidelines for the distribution of the vaccine. Also, information about the rolling out of vaccines in different countries is the same in the two platforms, including the budget allocated by different countries. During the trial stages of theCOVID-19 VACCINE 4vaccine, one of the greatest issues both the outlets managed to capture is racism, where different racial groups argue that the trial should first happen with a specific group. This issue is an example that creates a stir in the online sources creating a division on the importance of the vaccine.Government relations play an integral part in rolling out of COVID-19 vaccine. The developed countries are allocating a large budget to ensure they acquire vaccines available for everyone. Different nations have been addressing the pandemic issue in different ways. With the introduction of the vaccine, there is a need for diversification and strategic planning on how citizens will benefit (Okonjo-Iweala, 2021). Most of the developing countries seem to be struggling with acquiring the vaccine, where the media predicts that it may take longer to ensure everyone gets vaccinated within such regions. Media is a powerful tool within the administrationof the government. Thus there is much pressure instilled within the government when the media conducts frequent updates on how other nations address the issue. The government feels enlightened to the members of the public. Thus they must perform to confirm information circulated by the media is true. The government is also implementing media platforms to outline the importance of the vaccine to change people's narratives about the public. The media managesto conduct a follow-up on the government spending; thus, it is easier to prevent misuse of resources during the vaccine acquisition. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the government has been under strict observation by the media, thereby the need to outline the government's preparedness in addressing health issues (Okonjo-Iweala, 2021) According to the reports provided by the media, most developing countries are struggling with economic development due to challenges in addressing issues such as health and education.COVID-19 VACCINE 5Based on consumer relations with the media, there is a high probability of anti-vaccine due to controversial information circulation through media outlets such as internet sources. Most people with knowledge of scientists believe vaccines' approval should follow a series of tested outcomes for a while. Therefore, due to COVID-19 vaccine emerging within a short period promotes fear through the media.

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