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Running head COMPLIANCE SCENARIOS 1 Compliance Scenarios Daqwander Pavloff Legal Aspects of Health Management Lori Janello 6th June 2020 COMPLIANCE SCENARIOS 2 Compliance Scenario 1 Brief Restatement of the Scenario The Pediatric Department contacted our office in response to the case involving a 10 year old boy The last physical examination of the boy showed that the boy was experiencing congenital heart condition which was worsening since last year During treatment the pediatrician attending to the boy referred him to a Pediatric Cardiologist where the correction of the condition might include surgery However the boy s mother was reluctant about the process of conducting surgery The family had very strict religious beliefs and the mother argued that the surgery process would contradict those beliefs The Pediatric Department when consulting the office was to receive guidance on how to address the situation Recommendations Solutions In this scenario it would be better to gather more information about the specification of religion The physician must treat the patients but considering the mother decided not to treat the boy needs essential consideration However if the hospital agrees with the mother s decision resulting in causing harm to the boy then the hospital and physician will be liable due to negligence and failure to render care There is a need to perform risk assessment which may include finding a clergy within the mother s religion to try to explain the advancement of conducting such surgery The obligatory beneficence requires the physician and the hospital to show concern of care Also through the principle of autonomy there requires an understanding by the mother about the benefits of this treatment English 2007 Although the mother has the right to make decisions without any coercion or interference following such a strategy will help to create a balance between patient autonomy and physician beneficence COMPLIANCE SCENARIOS 3 Compliance Scenario 2 Brief Restatement of Scenario The office anonymous tip line receives an in house complaint about nurses at OBGYN Unit The allegations state that several nurses while within the patient rooms have been using their cell phones to monitor other patients However the office is aware that there has been a shortage of staff at the OBGYN Unit for months This challenge might cause these nurses to behave in such a manner as they try to communicate with each other Based on the complaint such behavior might violate HIPAA rules Recommendations Solutions In addressing this situation the OBGYN Department should conduct a risk assessment to identify if this issue is present HIPAA emphasizes maintaining certain security measures when using mobile technology within the healthcare system Godard 2018 Cell phones are prone to many security vulnerabilities and sharing information through such devices without protective measures can lead to leakage of essential health information Being a complaint with HIPAA rules there is a need to ensure the security of Protected Health Information PHI Through the risk assessment it will be easier to understand the reasons for such behavior Also it will be possible to identify whether the hospital was aware of the issue If this scenario occurred through the consent of the management there has been a violation of HIPAA rules The hospital violates HIPAA under the principle of first of Respodeat Superior as the nurses engage in malpractice There needs to reexamine information on HIPAA requirements to ensure the healthcare unit understands the outlined guidelines If the hospital decides to allow the use of cell phones then there is a need to implement security measures to ensure everyone is compliant with HIPAA COMPLIANCE SCENARIOS 4 References English D 2007 Addressing a Patient s Refusal of Care Based on Religious Beliefs Aafp org Retrieved 7 June 2020 from https www aafp org afp 2007 1101 p1393 html Godard R 2018 HIPAA Compliance Cell Phones Staying Compliant I S Partners LLC I S Partners Retrieved 7 June 2020 from https www ispartnersllc com blog hipaa compliance cell phones

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Berkeley DEVP C232 - Compliance Scenario 1 & 2

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