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Week 5 Discussion1. Ebenezer Howard and Le Corbusier both seem to account for everything we value!in a city - green space, public health and cleanliness, houses, factories, schools, government!buildings, playgrounds etc. If their model cities, like Brasília, have everything we need, what does!Ben Green criticize about them? What is missing from these areas?- Ben criticizes that even though it has everything we need that it simply is not enough. That cities strive to be “smart enough” to embrace technology and use it conjunction withother forms of social change. Cities do not value technology as an end in itself. He also thinks it was dull and dispiriting. Missing from theses areas would be communities with fundamental reshaping of police practice and priorities. 2. After reading Alana Samuels'!How to Decimate a City,should urban poverty strategies focus on ‘people’ or ‘places’?- According to Alan Samuel’s in her article, she focuses a lot on Syracuse. Within her article, I believe she is stating that urban poverty strategies should focus on the places. She speaks about the highway and how it runs through the city. There was too much of the city that was sacrificed to make way for the highway in the 1960s. 3. Why does every city feel the same?- Every city feels like same because of evolutions of existing centers of power. There are more modern buildings needing greater accessibility and the result in this is the same apartment building being built in every city. Not only is this a cause but big companies are expanding over all cities. The designs of building are adopting designs that express corporate power.4. In your own words, define the concept of “fairness” and equitable policies. Are technology/internet platforms inherently “fair”? Why?- Fairness in my own words is treatment amongst people that is not discriminatory and equitable policies are policies that are to promote equity that ensure fairness. I believethat overall, the technology and internet platforms are fair. The internet websites needto be coded to where if a blind person is using it that, they would understand everything on the website. Therefore, there are laws in place that enforce the fairness of the internet. What I do not think is fair is the accessibility to the internet and technology. Those in poverty, it is a little harder to come by internet and our world is online now, this is where it would not be considered

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SU PAI 600 - Week 5 Discussion

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