Purdue BUFW D5420 - Managing a Holistic Marketing Organization

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MANAGING A HOLISTIC MARKETING ORGANIZATION 1MT450M6-6:Apply Marketing Mix principles to business or consumer services.Purdue Global UniversityManaging a Holistic Marketing OrganizationChoose business service or consumer service from aboveThe choice of consumer service is viable for Environmentalgear. The company aims to introduce a consumer service that involves the regular visitation by a home ambience consultant to assess the condition of the home products and adjust them accordingly (Risqiani & Maemunah, 2019). The home ambience consultant will also recommend suggestion to improve the home environment. The consumer service is prudent because it will not only enhance rapport between the organization and its customers but also increase sales volumes and profitability. Theconsumer service will also enhance the competitiveness of Environmentalgear’s products and it will enable the management to integrate decisions and policies to improve customer experience. The consumer service will also offer sustainable economic mainstays to consultants, suppliers, investors, and other stakeholders.Provide a synopsis of your research on the Internet regarding any competitionCompanies that offer environmentally friendly furniture, office, and home products include Etsy Reclaimed Furniture, West Elm, The Citizenry, and Joybird, among others. As the name suggests, Etsy Reclaimed Furniture relies on reclaimed furniture to develop customized furniture, home, and office products (Sofiana & Fajarwati, 2018). The firm also offers customer-friendly services and the affordability of the products enhances customer loyalty. West Elm is a furniture company headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. The company develops furniture suited forMANAGING A HOLISTIC MARKETING ORGANIZATION 2home and office use and designs products based on customer specifications. The designs are not only unique but also integrate a blend of colors to enhance their attractiveness.West Elm allows customers to select and purchase furniture online, which is convenient and reliable, and contributes to increased sales volumes. The Citizenry is a home decor firm that develops elegant furniture and home products. The Citizenry also offers products, such as pillows, rugs, and sheets to enhance the home products shopping experience for customers. Joybird is an online furniture firm that specializes in e-commerce to interact with clients. The firm offers custom-made furniture for customers and the company’s mission is to improve customer’s online purchase experiences. All the furniture companies compete with Environmentalgear because they not only develop furniture and home products but also distinctive services.Explain why they might want to add services to their businessEnvironmentalgear should add services to the business because of the following reasons. First, the firm operates in a highly competitive industry, which requires innovation and creativityin product development and service provision (Rashdan, 2016). The need to increase the quality of customer service is imperative because it will create a good rapport between the company and stakeholders, resulting in increased sales. Second, Environmentalgear should add services to obtain feedback from customers about the efficacy of home products and furniture. The feedbackwill be vital for policy formulation to integrate customer demands and preferences. Third, Environmentalgear should add services to enhance its competitive edge over its rivals in the industry. The services should generate value for stakeholder funds, they should be flexible and sustainable.MANAGING A HOLISTIC MARKETING ORGANIZATION 3Using the marketing mix, provide the 4 P’s of this new consulting service for homeor office, developing the particulars that make sense based on the scenario and the realworldEnvironmentalgear should integrate the following marketing mix to enhance its consumer service.Place: Environmentalgear should consider the place for consolidating the consumer service. The location for customer complaints should be the headquarters or any office near their residence. The location should not only be strategic but also convenient, which will not only save customers’ time and resources but also enhance stakeholder relations.Product: The consumer service is viable because it will enable Environmentalgear to enhance customer experience by enhancing innovation and value for money, and sustainability (Rashdan, 2016).Promotion: Environmentalgear should integrate cost-effective promotional methods, such as discounts, free samples, catalogues, and customer demonstration. The firm should include marketing strategies, such as the adoption of social media and investing in print and broadcast ads.Price: The cost of the consumer service should be affordable and flexible, implying that it should align with industry and technology changes. >Describe how they might want to launch these services and associate them with theirbrandingMANAGING A HOLISTIC MARKETING ORGANIZATION 4Environmentalgear should launch the consumer services by advertising them on popular media platforms, such as social media. The company should also advertise the consumer service on television, magazines and incorporate personal selling techniques. Launching the consumer service on online platforms is cost effective, convenient, reliable, transparent, and accountable and will enhance brand loyalty among customers.MANAGING A HOLISTIC MARKETING ORGANIZATION 5ReferencesRashdan, W. (2016). The impact of innovative smart design solutions on achieving sustainable interior design.>WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment,>204, 623-634. https://www.witpress.com/Secure/elibrary/papers/SC16/SC16052FU1.pdfRisqiani, R., & Maemunah, S. (2019). Building the Attitude of Consumer Concern for Environmentally Friendly Products.>Business and Entrepreneurial Review,>15(2), 201-212. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/335844425_Building_the_Attitude_of_Consumer_Concern_for_Environmentally_Friendly_Products/fulltext/5d803e42a6fdcc66b001b781/Building-the-Attitude-of-Consumer-Concern-for-Environmentally-Friendly-Products.pdfSofiana, Y., & Fajarwati, A. A. (2018, November). Environmentally Friendly Material Characteristics Applied to Interior and Furniture. In>3rd International Conference on Creative Media, Design and Technology (REKA 2018)>(pp. 235-237). Atlantis Press. https://www.atlantis-press.com/article/25906956.pdfMANAGING A HOLISTIC MARKETING

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Purdue BUFW D5420 - Managing a Holistic Marketing Organization

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