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Alexander, M. (2017, January 24). The importance of being ethical in project management. Tech Republic. https://www.techrepublic.com/article/the-importance-of-being-ethical-in-project-management/ETHICS IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT 1IT301M5:Explain why ethics and integrity are important to the field of IT.Purdue Global University Ethics in Project ManagementDefinition of EthicsEthics are a set of moral principles that guide an individual’s behavior. Ethical considerations in project management are important because it guides project managers and otherpersonnel on how to behave during the implementation of their roles. Ethical values, such as honesty and integrity, are also vital in decision-making and project planning (Alexander, 2017). Ethics guide stakeholder relations in project management, inculcation of morality in communication, integration of prudence in the utilization of project resources, and focus on achieving the operational, financial, and social objectives of the project.Importance of Project Managers Adhering to a ‘Code of Ethics’Project managers should adhere to a code of ethics because of the following reasons. First, a code of ethics impels project managers to be fair and impartial in decision-making (Downes, 2020). Impartiality and fairness enhance inclusivity and motivate employees to focus on achieving the project’s goals and objectives. Second, a code of ethics trains and encourages project managers to be prudent in the utilization of funds. Integrity as an ethical value enhances the trust and confidence of project stakeholders who commit additional resources to finance research and innovation, and expansion of the project. Third, a code of ethics influences effectiveETHICS IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT 2leadership among project managers by impelling them to be visionary, effective planners and communicators, and positively influence project stakeholders.Top Three Behaviors in Your Personal Code of EthicsTop three behaviors in my personal code of ethics are:- Fairness and equity to employees, suppliers, customers, and investors- Integrity in operational and financial operations- Positive influence in societyAll the behaviors have a positive impact on project management because they motivate employees and promote a good rapport among different stakeholders (Alexander, 2017). The behaviors also encourage corporate social responsibility activities occasioned by the project.How a Project Manager should respond to Varying ‘Situational Standards’A project manager should respond to varying ‘situational standards’ by understanding and internalizing ethical codes that apply in different countries. A project manager should also inculcate universal ethical values, such as integrity, owing to their adaptability in all jurisdictions.ETHICS IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT 3ReferencesAlexander, M. (2017, January 24). The importance of being ethical in project management. Tech Republic. https://www.techrepublic.com/article/the-importance-of-being-ethical-in-project-management/Downes, S. (2020, June). Ethical Codes and Learning Analytics. In<EDEN Conference Proceedings<(No. 1, pp. 20-72).

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