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Art History 326 Exam II Study Guide British Pop This Is Tomorrow Multiple rooms exhibition Funhouse party atmosphere Billboard sized wall treatments Smithsons and Hendersons o Giddy postwar culture o Sense of doom of what is to come next o Grungy edge Robyn Denny Mural for Austin Reed clothing store 1959 60 famous clothing store Billboard looking Very bright Later British Pop safer Peter Blake The Beatles oil on canvas 1962 o Pop celebrity o Painting o White rectangles like magazine cover o Also designs album covers Peter Blake Got a Girl 1960 Title from a song Album is on it supposed to take album off and listen to it while looking at it About a guy whose girlfriend is fantasizing about rock n roll stars while kissing him Everyone is desiring celebrities Artist is looking at Jasper Johns Richard Hamilton he 1958 61 oil cellulose paint and collage on wood Boobs Toaster Fridge door Inside a fridge Makes his own he mirrors it Richard Hamilton reconstruction of Marcel Duchamp s Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors 1965 David Hockney Peter Getting Out of Nick s Pool 1966 British pop artist who focuses on gay LA Saturated with bleached colors that doesn t happen but like LA Hockney A Bigger Splash 1966 acrylic Rectangular form Flat color Art History 326 Exam II Study Guide Paint with acrylic becomes very opaque Plastic artificial quality Glamorous fakeness Play on Jackson Pollock bigger splash o Pop art is bigger o Paint that looks like some came on it Jackson Pollock makes the biggest splash across the pond George Mattieu Battle of Bouvines 1957 Actual battle Spain and France France won Painted the painting with long sticks Enacting the battle as he was painting What s the big deal with Pollock Recreate a history where he takes ownership competition among artist Niki de Saint Phalle Tir Shot 1961 Fill balloons with paint Put plaster on it Then shoot the painting and see where the paint comes out Painting is leftover evidence of artist s battle with paint Jasper Johns Fire at Will 1961 Johns shoots one of her paintings Collaborative Mon Oncle 1958 and the Trauma of the New in Postwar France Director Jacques Tati Whole movie is silent except for sound effects Tinguely Meta Matics Junky objects Machines that make paintings Quivers and shakes pathetic and sweet Inefficient Tinguely Homage to New York 1960 Designed to catch fire and self destruct French make a point that modern New York is bad Arman Petits Dechets Bourgeois small Bourgeois Trash 1959 Worked with garbage Compared to Picasso s Bottle of Suze References to Picasso o Newspaper o See object from top and side Art History 326 Exam II Study Guide Arman Tortured Color 1968 Screws in paint tubs so paint explodes out Arman The Full Up 1960 Room full of trash Gallery becomes the canvas Yves Klein Painter black belt in Judo Died of a heart attack in early 30s Yves Klein Peinture 1958 booklet Early Monochromes Pieces of nice heavy paper cut into rectangles and glued into booklet These paintings don t really exist Representation and the thing itself Concerned with art itself exhibition catalog Just made catalog of paintings claiming that they are in different countries Malevich Black Square 1915 Monochrome Emblem of Russian revolution Patch on sleeve On newspaper Non representational black square In corner where most important objects are placed in a room Malevich Soccer Player in the Fourth Dimension 1915 oil on canvas Shapes come from Bragdon cube entering head on Suggests 4th dimension in 2D Malevich costume and set design Victory over the Sun 1913 Very geometric shape bodies Mechanical bodies Klein Watercolor of Monochromes on Stage 1954 Includes black square in charge Makes square people with bright pretty colors Reference to set design by putting it on stage Klein Monochrome IKB International Klein Blue 1957 Patented the paint color Pigment and adhesive on canvas Blue Period exhibition Milan 1957 o Monochromes are put on stick o All same size but priced different Art History 326 Exam II Study Guide o All exhibited different immaterial pictorial sensibility o Malevich doesn t care about prices but Klein puts has made it all about price aesthetic value o Klein challenges you are you willing to pay for it Klein Zone of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility 1959 Lapis Lazuli specific blue very expensive about wealth Selling a Zone of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility Contaminated by consumerism Buy some for gold Klein gives you a certificate Burn certificate and throw half of gold in river picture of it Klein keeps the other half of gold Klein Anthropometries 1960 Naked women make paintings with their bodies and IKB Orchestra plays B flat for 40 min while women painted Turned into Burlesque avant garde Klein doesn t get dirty at all Europe still has class Feminize Pollock women and Pollock get dirty with paint Power he s able to get these women to put paint all over themselves Situationism Artists o Michele Bernstein o Asger Jorn o Guy Debord o Pinot Galizio Could be philosopher political organizer doesn t have to be artist Persian movement Guy Debord Society of the Spectacle 1967 Entered society that is given over to spectacle We don t do we watch other people do Watch TV instead of being with other people Capitalism division of labor o Everything is partitioned up o Don t have a sense of being together because of TV and spectacles Artists make art about public spaces Psychogeographies and the Derive Jorn and Galizio Take map cut it up paste with red dotted lines into pieces Space is created by consumerism and work Art History 326 Exam II Study Guide Decollage Jacques de la Villegle and Raymond Hains collaboration Pannean d affichage 1949 Go to surface with stuff on it and rip stuff off Made between artist and city Asger Jorn The Worrying Duck and Paris by Night 1959 Detournament Buy painting from thrift shops Go home and paint on top of them Strange commentaries on paintings Very Duchamp ian ready made Can you do anything about division of labor Action painting one artist creating painting Situationalism either by yourself or very collaborative Beat tired music hipster On the Road Jack Kerouac 1957 Bohemian lifestyle American life living on the margin of society Jay de Feo The Rose mixed media 1958 1966 6 in of paint 10 ft by 5 ft Middle like Buddhist Mandela Center is where her head is Slow motion action painting Allen Ginsberg Howl 1956 Hipster associate yourself with black culture Drugs much grungier Jazz Conner Black Dahlia 1959

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