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SOCW 6140July 28, 2014Slide 1-The disorders in this syndrome cluster entail concerns that cause: Distress, impairment, etc.-not better explained by mental or substance disorderSlide 24 Phases:Appetite-thoughts or fantasies, desire for sexual activityexcitement-feelings of sexual arousal orgasm-physiologically specific peakresolution-sense of relaxation and well-being, afterglowSlide 3 Risk Factors-partner factors-relationship factors-individual vulnerability factors-cultural or religious factors-medical factors Slide4 Sexual Concerns-decreased sexual desire or arousal-pain or discomfort during sex-difficulty to orgasm-use of non-human objects for arousal-non-consenting adults, children, animals engaged in sexual activitySlide 5 Sex vs. Gender-biological sex: the combination of genetic traits that results in the specialization of organism’s genitals and related functions for specific reproductive roles-gender: an individual’s culturally constructed self-conception as being male or female-intersex: biologically containing both male and female body partsSlide 6 Gender related Definitions-gender identity: identified gender does not agree with biological sex organs’Slide 7 Gender Dysphoria-onset in childhood adolescence or adult-must have stressor and impairmentSlide 8 Development Disorders-congenital adrenal hyperplasia: autoimmune disease, affects how sex organs develop and mature-androgen sensitivity syndrome: Female or mixed genitalia can develop on males due to cellular responseSlide9 Sexual Orientation-orientation is about attractionSlide 10 Sexual Disorders-Male Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder: functional, interest is not there-Female sexual arousal/interest disorder: inability or difficulty obtaining or maintaining adequate lubrication-swelling response of sexual excitement-erectile dysfunction: not able to maintain or achieve an erectionSlide 11 Orgasm Disorder-female orgasmic disorder: delayed or absent orgasm following normal excitement phase-delayed ejaculation: same as above-premature ejaculation: ejaculation with minimal stimulation before, upon, or shortly after penetration, before desired time frame Slide12 Pain Disorders-Genito-Pelvic Pain Disorder-dyspareunia: Persistent genital pain before, during, and or after intercourse, not due to a medical conditionSlide13 Paraphilia-any intense and persistent sexual interest other than sexual interest in genital stimulation or preparatory fondling with phenotypically normal, physiologically mature, consenting human partners-relate to courtship disorders, pain and suffering disorders, and target preference disorders.Slide14-exhibitionism: showing genitals -fetishism: attraction to objects-frotteurism: fantasies or acts of rubbing up against people-sadism: inflicting pain or suffering that can cause distress or impairment, or non-consentingSlide15-pedophilia: must be 16, child must be 5 years younger-exclusive or non-exclusive, depending on adult interests with child interestSlide16-voyeurism: aroused by observing someone disrobe, have sex, get naked, etc. -paraphilia NOS : not specified by a paraphilia disorder, does not meet criteriaAlexia CaseAlexia may need counseling to talk about her issues. Her issues come from not trying to make them better. She may have some depression and anxiety, as do most people. I. Female Sexual Arousal DisorderII. 799.9III. None reported, referred by “obgyn”IV. loss of sexual interest, problem related to lifestyleIV. GAF: 72-80

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