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SOCW 6140 7-21-14Anxiety: Anxiety, obsessive (compulsive), trauma (need stressor)Slide 1-Frequent expression of anxiety, worry, and apprehension that is more intense and lasts for longer than the norm. -Frequent development of avoidance, ritual acts, or repetitive thoughts as way of protecting from or managing the anxiety.Slide 2-causes clinically significant distress or impairment-not due to medical or substance issue-not better explained or encompassed by another mental disorderSlide 3 Separation Anxiety-persistent, excessive worry about loss of or hurt to a loved one or preferred caretakerSlide 4-consistent failure to speak in select social situations-at least 1 month-interferes with educational achievementSlide 5 Phobia’s-Marked fear or anxiety about a specific object or situation-exposure provokes immediate anxiety-lasts 6 or more monthsSlide 6-Social Anxiety disorders include fears of social situations -Worry of acting in a way to show anxiety-lasts 6 months at least Slide7 Panic attacks vs. Panic Disorders-Attack: abrupt surge with physical and emotional components, not long term. -sweating, shaking, heavy breathing, chest pain, nausea, dizzy, chill, etc. -Disorder: recurrent panic attacks, one month of worry of ore panic attacks. -Agoraphobia: phobia or going out in public, socializing, fear of crowds.Slide8 Generalized Anxiety Disorder-Not focused on any specific fear-chronic condition, persists for at least 6 monthsSlide9 Obsessive Compulsive and Related Disorders-OCD-Body Dysmorphic Disorder-Hoarding Disorder-Trichotillomania-ExcoriationSlide10 Obsessions-Recurrent, persistent thoughts, urges or images that are unwanted-Individual attempts to ignore or suppress, or neutralize them with other thought or actionSlide11-repetitive behaviors or mental acts that one feels driven to perform-Acts aimed at reducing anxiety or distress, preventing situationsSlide 12-presence of obsession, compulsions, or both-time consuming, 1 or more hour(s) a day- specify insight: good or fair-tics can co-occurSlide 13-Repetitive acts-preoccupation with perceived flaws of defects that are not observableSlide 14Hoarding-difficulty discarding or parting with [possessions irrespective of value-due to perceived need to save them and distress associated with discardingResults in clutter and accumulation that congest and compromise living areasSlide 15 Trichotillomania-recurrent pulling out of hair-repeated attemps to stopSlide 16 Excoriation Disorder-Recurrent Skin picking-attempts to decrease or stopMaya Discussion in Group-insightful, employed, reads and works hard-admits she has depression-OCD-GAD-Gaf score=50-60Maya is 23. She is Hispanic and loves her family. She brought herself in, guessing outpatient therapy. Shewants to talk about her urgent need to wash her hands constantly. The actions are preventing her from doing other things. They impede on her everyday life. The biggest issue is time commitment and she gets embarrassed. She feels like germs are surrounding her. She denied using drugs or any medical substances, appears underweight. Her hands are worn and rough. She has sought out help for mental issues before, very similar to this case. She does not have many friends, if any. I.OCDII. 799.9III. red hands, raw, roughIV. Social Exclusion, employment issuesV. 45-60 on GAF

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UT SOCW 6140 - Anxiety

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