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UOPX HCS 483 - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

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DQ1.2 – What is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)? Why is it important to privacy and security?-HIPAA was created in 1996 as a standard to protect an individual's personally identifiable health information and to set standards for the security of electronically protected health information. Through HIPAA, patients are given rights to protect their information and the ability to decide who can and cannot see their medical information. It is important to protect an individual's privacy and secure one's information because the information that can be found in an individual's health record is vital information that should only be given to the patient and the people he or she specifies. HIPAA not only protects a patient's medical records, but one's financial records are also protected by the HIPAA laws. Insurance information on the patient should also be disclosed and given only to those people who have a legitimate reason for needing the information, i.e. individuals working in the billing department, the insurance company itself, etc. I've worked in the medical field, so I know how important HIPAA regulations are and how important it is to follow these regulations. HIPAA violations can be very serious and even carry civil and criminal penalties. People can be fined, even jailed for violating HIPAA regulations, depending upon the severity of the violation. As a health care professional, whether one is directly or indirectly involved in patient care, it is important to protect the privacy of individuals whenever one comes into contact with any and all personally identifiable information. Response 2True, and the penalties for those companies or persons who violate HIPPA laws will encounter strict punishment for example, unauthorized disclosure with/ fines from $10,000 to$25,000; intentional authorization fines from $100,000 to $250,000;/ and most of all lawsuits from people who private health information is exposed and that is a violation of/ HIPPA rights. I find at times patients medical information sitting on top of the nursing station and I have seen visitor take a pick until they see someone look at them and they turn around right away. Doctors are good at leaving patients information open sitting on top of the nursing station after they have signed some papers. I remember when I was at the doctors office and the nurse practitioner came in to see me and placed a patients chart right next to me with all the patients health information showing. HIPPA plays it part for the consumer at this point itsjust getting the medical professional to use it the right

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