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Your test plan and strategy is extremely important to the overall success and realization of your information system/software system development efforts. What different kinds of testing would you employ during the design and development of your system? Would you have a different plan for Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software ascompared to software built in-house?It is often said that you cannot ¿test quality into a system.¿ In other words, a perfect test plan will not result in a quality system solution. Explain why you agree or disagree with this statement.According to our eBook Software Testing, there are 4 categories of testing.Each type of testing should be used throughout the SDLC.The most important point the book imparted to me is: that 85% of all defects are created in the design phase; this all happens before coding begins.Specialized testers need to study the documentation carefully and ensure thatthe future code is sound. It must take some highly specialized skills to be ableto look at a bunch of diagrams and schematics and see the flaws in the future code. The book states as much, too. Ideally, our projects would include all four types of testing. Testing COTS software can be difficult because you typically wont have access to the source code. To test COTS, testers need to combine black box testing with proper documentation. Black box testing is testing of the executables. Since the testers receive the COTS only in executable form, its the only way to test the program. Testers need to document any flaws in the COTS and present it to the developers of the COTS. Hopefully your companywrote in some guarantees into the contract! I agree with the notion that you cant test quality into a system. You can test for symantec and logic errors, but you cannot test wether you have built a quality product. Only the end user's acceptance of the new program validateswhether the program is a success. When testing software artifacts it is important to try to test for all possible scenarios. The testingbegins from individual unit testing which ensures that every piece of code functions perfectly well on its own. The process then moves into the class test which tests entire class objects forthe correct functionality supplying various inputs to check if the proper output is delivered from many different possible scenarios including those which would test the constraints of the systemif there are special rules such as value limits and the like. From here integration testing begins piecing all of the classes together into the final system testing them all along the way as they are added. Finally, the entire system can be implemented on the target hardware platforms andtested for correct output.The tests begin by simulating other portions of the code that are not complete with stubs and drivers until the code is completed and the integration tests progress to the point of the system'scompletion. There would definitely be a different plan for COTS software because it has been through its own testing phases. For COTS software the important tests would be during the integration and systems test phases of the in house developed portions of the system to ensure that they work together as intended. Successful testing is done through identifying the most likely combinations of actions users will take and testing those actions for the correct outputs in various scenarios.As for the subject of quality, we have identified that quality solutions are those which satisfy the end user's desires for the developed system. Thus it is entirely possible to design, code, and test a software solution which functions perfectly as intended and misses the goal of satisfying the end user. This would not be a quality solution. Though testing is extremely important to producing software free of defects, hitting or missing the quality mark is entirely dependant on how well the user's expectations are understood during the design and implementation phases of

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