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Discussion QuestionWeek 2 DQ1Due Week 2 Day 2 (Tuesday)Post your response to the following discussion question by clicking onReply.You have just completed training for your new position in a large accounting firm. The trainer has just covered the difference between manual accounting and computerized accounting. What questions do you have regarding the differences? What are the advantages of computerized accounting versus manual accounting?What questions do you have regarding the differences?Does retained earnings account replace the Income Summary accounts used to close temporary accounts at year’s end?If you don’t use a worksheet in computerized accounting, how do you “see” if you made all the correct entries and check the unadjusted and adjusted balance before the financial statements are prepared?How can your records be accurate monthly the temporary accounts remain open?The advantages are that you are saving steps. The computerized system transfers the ledger entries for you. The bank reconciliation is done automatically.Computerized track information for a company for an entire year. Gathering the information for year-end reports is not as time consuming. Comparisons can be made from month to month easier.Response 2One question I would ask would be - if converting from manual to computerized wouldresult in a loss of jobs and if so was mine one of them.Will computerized accounting cut down the work load from what is done by manualsystems? Does computerized reduce the possibility of errors better than a manualsystem? Can a computerized system be adapted to accommodate our needs and, if so,will there be any possible problems? Will printed reports from the computerized systemlook like those produced manually or will there be a “learning curve” in reading thecomputerized reports?Advantages of computerized include reduction of data input requirements. Once data identered it becomes immediately available for use by others. Data entered once can beplaced into all necessary accounts at the same time. Checks and balances can beimplemented to insure data integrity – for instance item prices can be checked to makesure they are not too high or too low. If an item sells for $6.95 and a clerk enters $12.98the system would kick it back with a notice that the price is out of range.User names, passwords, and security levels would restrict access to certain data. Anexample would be that no one in the accounts payable department would have accessto the records of the payroll department.Discussion QuestionWeek 2 DQ2Due Week 2 Day 4 (Thursday)Post your response to the following discussion question by clicking onReply.This week, you learned how to start and back up Peachtree software and you had the opportunity to explore some of Peachtree's features. What was the most challenging aspect of the material covered this week? What did you find the most beneficial?Response 2The most challenging aspect of chapter 1-3 was just learning the new program. Downloading it wasn't hard but very time consuming and there is so much detail when downloading provided in the text that it almost becomes confusing. The aspects that I found most beneficial is how everything is computer based and neat. I like the way you can create a company and keep mostof its records in the same place and be able to keep track of all the important aspects as far as accounting is concerned with money, payroll and all the other ins and outs.Response 3I found that the most challenging was when I tried to back up the material to an external drive. I tried several times to backup to an USB thumb drive, and my extra hard drive with failed attempts. I also had to install and uninstall the Peachtree software several times. After which I ended up backing up to regular hard drive. Once I got the backup as PDF file on my hard drive I then copied the material to my other drives. This was very frustrating.I also found that Peachtree will not save onmy new laptop which has Windows XP, but it would save to my desktop which has Windows Vista.I do most of my work on my laptop, but for this class I will have to use my

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