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1980s and 1990sTIMELINE OF EVENTS1980:Reagan elected president“Trickle-down” economic theory1981:Prince Charles I married Lady Diana Spencer1985:Mikhail Gorbachev became Soviet premier1988:George H. W. elected presidentInvasion of PanamaPersian Gulf War1989:Fall of the Berlin WallCollapse of Soviet control in Eastern Europe and non-Communist governments seized control1990:East and West Germany reunitedThe Clean Air Act due to depletion of ozone layerDiscovery of the Internet - an important communication toolsource of information about fashion1991:The Soviet Union collapsedEnd of the Cold War1992:Bill Clinton elected president1993:First terrorist attack on the U.S. on February 25 in World Trade Center1994: Levi Strauss sell first custom-fitted clothing produced through computer imaging at retail level1994 – 1996:Russia launched full scale invasion in to the Republic of Chechnya and were defeated1995:Oklahoma terrorist bomb on April 191996:Boris Yeltsin elected as first popular Democratic president in Russia1997:China assumed control over Hong Kong1998:Bill Clinton impeached1999:Vladimir Putin named acting president of Russia and restarts the Chechen warWOMEN'S DRESS: 1980 - 1995Fashion:- Japanese influences evident in innovative cuts and popularity of black and gray fabrics- Martin Margiela: Belgian designer known for deconstruction, clothes with seams on the outside, linings as part of the exterior, fabric edges left raw and unhemmed - large shoulders and sleeves - shoulder pads: added to everything from day time dresses to sweaters to evening wear- skirt lengths decreased- tightly fitting dresses were made of spandex stretch fiber blends- cut outs and bare midriffs- lace and sheer fabrics popular through the 1990s- transparent dresses as outer layer over opaque garment- shoulder lines became smaller and more natural in 1990s- short skirts and mini skirts reappeared- varying lengths of skirts seen throughout 1990s- common choice: very short skirt or skirt that reached below calf- long straight skirts with slits- dresses, skirts, and pants very fitted and tight until early 1990s- mid-1990s: wider pant legs and shorter, full skirts Underwear:- same general style of past decades- frilly, feminine underwear makes a comeback- Victoria's Secret- undergarments provided more shape and support for close fitting garments of the 1990s- modern versions of corsets and bustles- bustles: padded panties such as Rear Riser or Butt Booster- special bras design to uplift for low cut cleavage baring styles- opaque or sheer pantyhose- patterned, beaded, sequined, and decorated pantyhose also available- mid 1990s: plain, opaque stockingsMaterials:- no dominating silhouette or style- wide range of fabrics- Rayon back in fashion since WWII- bright floral rayons reminiscent of 1930s- natural fibers preferred over synthetic- Lycra spandex used extensively in blends with other fibers for stretch fabrics- fine polyester microfibers made to look and feel like silk Dresses:- printed rayon dresses had empire waists and buttoned down the front- classic shirtwaist dresses: long or short- long, unfitted through bodice and joined at a dropped waistline to gathered skirt: 1920s revival- sweater dresses- T-shirt dresses- sweatshirt dresses- short, tight dresses with stretch fibers made with spandex- chemise or shift dresses: sleeveless, ranging from fitted to full tent-like styles- delicate, sheer dresses over other garments paired with hiking boots or sturdy sandals- coordinated ensembles of dresses with short to almost full length jackets or coatsCareer Wear:- tailored suits with tailored blouses- more diverse suits from latter part of 1980s- collarless, cardigan styles- 1987: skirt length for office wear was just above the knee- pantsuits made a comeback in 1990s- 1990s: long jackets with short, slim skirts or pantsShorts Suit:- Giorgio Armani- 1987- suit consisting of shorts and tailored jacket - alternative to skirted suitChanel Suit Revival- Karl Lagerfield- mid 1980s- basic Chanel formula updated with vivid colorsEvening Wear:- revived French couture- glittering embroidery, sequins, beading- bright colors- ornamented fabrics with vivid woven or printed designs- 1985: Christian Lacroix for Patou designed Le Pouf- Le Pouf: wide, puffy skirt with light, airy appearance, long and short- mini-crinolines: wide-skirted, short styles- late 1980s: tightly fitted, short stretch fabric evening dresses, strapless or tiny shoulder straps- 1990s: simple, slip dresses of soft, crepe fabrics- mid 1990s: short, strapless, full skirted evening dresses revived- 1990s: lace or elaborately decorated bustiers also worn- long, fitted evening dresses, strapless, sleeveless, one-shouldered, peek a boo cut outs- black was a popular color- mid 1990s: interesting back details- late 1990s: Givenchy designed flapper style beaded dressesOuterwear:- early 1980s: large oversized coats over narrow dresses and suits, Japanese influence - end of 1980s: longer, down coats replaced with short, casual down jackets- real and imitation fur coats worn throughout the period- 1990s: fur became less bulky and available in different colors- 1990s: wrap coats and trench coats were popular - 1996: “between season” coats, 1960 Chanel design revived and copiedSportswearPants and Skirts:- culottes and divided skirts worn throughout 1980s- end of 1980s: tight-fitting stretch tights or leggings made with spandex, varying lengths, bright colors and patterns- worn with large, loose T-shirts, sweaters or under mini skirts- pants were slender in early 1990s- started to widen mid 1990s- 1994: wide pants with large cuffsBlouses, Sweaters and Tops:- early 1980s: sweatshirts were very popular - Norma Kamali, American designer, originated a line of clothes inspired by the knitted fabricused in sweatshirts- her styles included: traditional sweatshirt features extended to skirts, dresses, evening wear- mid 1980s: tailored blouses, blouses and sweatshirts with standing, ruffled collars, sleeves gathered into armscye and puffed sleeve caps, Gibson Girl inspiration- shirts cut large through shoulders and full through body- T-shirts: basic cotton, handsome fabrics, embroidered, sequined, beaded, fine gauge cotton or silk knit- Fair Isle patterns and knitted pictures on sweaters in early and mid 1980s- late 1980s onwards: plain or overall patterned sweaters- early 1990s: frilly, white blouse with large sleeves, commonly worn with slim black pants- sweater sets

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