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The 1960sTIMELINE OF EVENTS1960:Birth control pill approvedJ. F. Kennedy elected1961:First space flight by U.S. and U.S.S.R.1962:Cuban Missile Crisis1963:J. F. K. assassinated1964:Beatles introduced in the U.S.Martin Luther King wins Nobel Prize1965:First U.S. space walkJulie Andrews in Sound of MusicStart of Vietnam War1968:Assassination of Martin Luther KingAssassination of Robert F. Kennedy1969:First U.S. moon walkWoodstock Music FestivalHistory:Women had increasingly different gender roles by choice.Vietnam and Flower Power: helped develop the hippie culture.Revolutionary Idealism.Civil Rights and Black Power: peaceful revolt versus Black Panthers activism.Feminism, equal rights and gay rights.Youthquake: teenagers revolt.Environmentalism: clothing, natural fibers, conservation.MUSICRock: Elvis, Beach Boys, The BeatlesFolk Music: Bob Dylan, Simon and GarfunkelMotown:- characterized by matching costumes and synchronization- first African American music outside of jazz to become mainstream- James Brown and such created Rock music but it could only be accepted by a white spokesperson such as Elvis Presley.Monterey Pop Festival:- Held in California in 1967- aim was to get across political messages- The Summer of LoveWoodstock Music Festival:- August 15-18, 1969- Bethel, New York- Three Days of Love and Music- 500,000 visitors- rampant drug usageVISUAL ARTS AND DESIGNOptical Art:- influenced by science and technology- optical illusions- clashing colors- Yves Saint Laurent - Piet MondrianPop Art:- blend of art and fashion- Campbell Soup Paper Dress- Andy Warhol and Roy Litchenstein- Emilio Pucci fashion Marimekko Textiles:- bright and vibrant colors- simple patterns- home furnishings and clothingKing Tut Exhibit:- influence of Egyptian art- clothing and home furnishingsWOMEN'S DRESSDior's New Look:- sheath, columnar, vertical silhouette- hemline reached knee- 3/4 length sleevesDecade of synthetic fibers and finishes:- Mylar: metallic, space age look- Polyester- PlasticsThe Mod Look:- modernist- middle-class English youthDesigners:Mary Quant: designed the mini-skirt, fashion was based off Dior's New LookAndre Couregges: French designer, “Space Age”, futuristic looks, used latex and PVCKiki Bryne: associated with shorter hemlinesPierre Cardin: “Space Age” design, used synthetic fibers, bright colorsYves Saint Laurent: used psychedelic patterns, colors and fabricsPaco Rabbane: chain-mail lookBalenciaga: baby-doll dressChanel: older women Baby-Doll DressChanel for Older WomenNew Cuts of Pants:1964: Flamenco pants- tight until knee- flared out below knee1965: Bell Bottoms- only pants made with denim- high waisted 1968: Hip Huggers- dominated in the 1970's- lower waistlines- primarily worn by menPalazzo Pajamas:- loose throughout- same width from top to bottomSafari Suits:- made of knit fabrics primarily- later became known as leisure suits- khaki safari jacket and Norfolk jacket revivedThe Ethnic Look:- Dashikis and African headwraps- American Indian inspirations- East India paisley printArt Deco Influences:- geometrical look- 1920s revival (post 1966)Midi skirt: hemline reached middle of calf, never became popularizedMaxi skirt: hemline reached towards floor, movement into 1970sUnderwear:- diminishing in size- bikini brief- 1965: Rudy Gemreich - “No Bra” bra, natural look, feminist, no cups or support- Nylon pantyhose: 1960, panty attached, garters became optionalOuterwear:- 1966: high cropped coats- 1967 – 1968: midi and maxi cut coatsSwimwear:- bikini: navel bared- 1964: monokini, feminist movement- psychedelic prints and acid colorsShoes:- same aesthetic and colors- art influence- rubber, plastics, pleather- Gogo boots: shorter hemlines needed this balanceMEN'S DRESSCarnaby Street Look:- skinny rib knit body shirts- bold dress shirts- pastel hues jeans- suede hiphuggers- fitted Edwardian jackets- lots of accessories- men taking serious interest in fashion and colorThe Peacock Revolution:- trickle-up fashion- Sergeant Pepper Suits: popularized by the Beatles- Nehru Jackets: 1967 – 1968, collarless jacket, East India inspired- hiphuggers- bright colors and prints- appropriation of ethnic look- Edwardian Dandyism: mod style suitSergeant Pepper Suits Nehru JacketThe Peacock RevolutionSportswear:- shirts with international motifs- Persian- American Indian- East Indian- AztecOuterwear:- 1968: midi length coats with Nehru collars- leather coats- leather fringe cowboy jacket- revival of belted Safari jacket and Norfolk tweed jacketShoes:- Chelsea boots- pointed toes- made of leatherHats:- Hats were not worn during this

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UNT MDSE 3350 - The 1960s

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