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1 The part of the limbic system is primarily responsible for aggressive behaviors FINAL REVIEW a hippocampus b amygdala c adrenal glands d substantia nigara 2 What is priming a the increased likelihood of being enraged after already being angered b a period of time after engaging in emotional behavior during which one is less likely to be upset c a period of time before emotional behavior when one is extra sensitive d a hormone reaction increasing likelihood of emotional behavior 3 Which lobe is the amygdala located in a occipital b prefrontal c frontal d temporal 4 Destruction of the amygdala causes extreme placidity Which syndrome in associated with this a Kluver Bucy Syndrome b CIPA c Tuner s Syndrome d all of the above 5 There is no correlation between testosterone and aggression a True b False 6 Low turnover of is associated with violent crimes suicides a norepinephrine b serotonin c dopamine d estrogen 7 You see more release of this neurotransmitter during periods of a extreme placidity b depression c aggression d relaxation 8 Fear has a defined amount of time until it is considered anxiety a true b false 9 Which neurotransmitters are associated with anxiety a CCK b GABA c a b d none 10 What are anxiolytic effects a increase fear b reduce fear c increase anxiety d reduce anxiety 11 What is the problem with using barbiturates to treat anxiety 12 How do benzodiazepines work a Allow GABA to bind more effectively b Bind to other receptors c GABA A receptor site d All of the above 13 Benzos are not agonists a true b false 14 Which endogenous chemical binds to benzo receptors a serotonin b dopamines c endozapines d triazapines 15 Evolutionarily why is fear a good thing 16 SAM sympathetic adrenal medullary involves a neural components b connections to heart lungs stomach and sweat glands c epinephrine norepinephrine and beta endorphin d all of the above e b c only 17 List the neurotransmitters released from the adrenal glands during a SAM response 18 What is beta endorphin a increases adrenal response in periphery b endogenous pain killer c an NT released from the adrenal glands d all of the above e b c only 19 The sympathetic response activates parts of the brain important for remembering and deactivates parts important for high level processing a true b flase 20 Why are FMRIs a reliable way to detect lying a there is no unique stress response Everyone has the same activation b easier to map parts of the brain activating during nervous behavior c polygraphs are better d none 21 The parasympathetic system a is responsible for sympathetic arousal b decreases sympathetic arousal c is primarily active in the CNS d b c 22 What is voodoo death What is one theory for its occurrence 23 The HPA axis consists of the and glands a hippocampus pituitary amygdala b hippocampus pituitary adrenal c hypothalamic prefrontal adrenal d hypothalamic pituitary adrenal 24 The HPA axis control the release of glucocorticoids and a epinephrine and norepinephrine b cortisol and beta endorphin c epinephrine and cortisol d none 25 Cortisol potentiates glucose Describe what this means 26 Why has most fight or flight research been done on males What is the alternative theory for females 27 The initial stress response between males and females is the same however mediates the stress response in females a cortisol b epinephrine c oxytocin d estrogen 28 What are the two components of the immune system a cytokines and RBCs b humoral and CMI c b cells and t cells d specificity and immune memory 29 What is immune specificity a the body produces antibodies against specific antigens b the body has a generalized immune response c inflammation d none 30 Immune memory involves the body s ability to reproduce specific antibodies a true b false 31 The humoral branch of the immune system involves a the body s own cells b antibody production c internal stimuli d none 32 What does the CMI cell mediated immunity branch of the immune system do 33 What type of cell is associated with the CMI a T cells b B cells 34 Which of the following are autoimmune diseases a MS b Diabetes c RS d all of the above 35 Describe the experiment by Bob Adder which led to the field of psychoimmunology 36 Immune cells have receptors for neurotransmitters and hormones a true b false 37 Immune cells cannot produce neurotransmitters and hormones a true b false 38 Why are you more likely to get sick if you are continually stressed 39 What hormone is related to the growth of testes a estrogens b testosterones c androgens d estradiol 40 Which gene on the Y chromosome stimulates this growth a SRY gene b gene 21 c sonic the hedgehog gene d none 41 Androgen and estrogen are hormones generated by a steroid glucose b steroid cholesterol c sex glucose d sex cholesterol 42 The most prominent androgen is the most prominent estrogen is 43 prepares the uterus for fertilization and pregnancy a estrogen b estradiol c progesterone d none 44 Organizing effects a are long lasting structural changes b occur during early development and puberty c all of the above d none of the above 45 Activating effects only last while the hormone is present a true b false 46 Testosterone controls genital production only in males a true b false 47 Estrogen is primarily responsible for female genital production a true b false 48 This antipsychotic drug causes demasculinizing effects a lithium b haloperidol c cocaine d none 49 The in the anterior hypothalamus is larger in men controls sexual behavior a pituitary gland b paraventricular nucleus c supraoptic nucleus d sexually dimorphic nucleus 50 Prenatal hormones combined with environmental stimulation alter the brain in ways which affect gender behavior in children This is referred to as a nature b nurture c nature and nurture effects d multiplier effects 51 Testosterone and estrogen prime the hypothalamus to release a serotonin b dopamine c all of the above d none of the above 52 Which of the following can cause impotence a low blood circulation b neurological problems c stress d all of the above 53 released by the pituitary gland is important for reproductive behavior a testosterone b estrogen c oxytocin d none 54 Mothers eat and drink more than usual This is because decreases sensitivity to leptin satiation a prolactin b oxytocin c serotonin d progesterone 55 Describe sexual selection 56 Women tend to be less attracted to men whose immune genes and therefore body odor are similar to her own Why 57 Only humans have gender a true b

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