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Final Exam Review1. What interview questions are permissible? Which are not?2. What are the protected classes of employment discrimination?3. Who is covered under ADA?4. Define reasonable accommodation and undue hardship.5. What are the discrimination laws when someone becomes pregnant?6. Bona Fide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ)7. When is not allowed to discriminate against age relating to employment?8. Do work uniforms have to be the same for both men and women? What is the difference in overall appearance between the genders?9. Name and explain the 2 types of sexual harassment.10. Fair Labor Standards Act11. Retaliatory discharge12. Where do you first file a sexual harassment complaint?13. Glass Ceiling14. Know the process of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA)15. What is the employer’s duty to the employee in an at-will employment agreement?16. What are the job restrictions for 14 and 15 year olds?17. Name the remedies under Title VII.18. What should a company do when an employee claims harassment?19. Family Medical Leave Act20. How much combined loose change was left at airport security checkpoints last year? How much of it was left in the Miami airport?21. Negligent entrustment. A scenario will be given to you in which you will have to determine if negligent entrustment applies.22. Which came first: the Warsaw or Montreal Convention?23. How much is a dead dog worth?24. What is a tariff?25. Who is responsible for lost luggage at the security checkpoint?26. Define agency law.27. Explain what the terms principal and agent mean. Delta is the _____ while Royal Caribbean is _____.28. Why is a class action lawsuit good when pertaining to travel?29. Know about the dram shop laws.30. Remember this random fact: Wisconsin is the only state where you can legally drink withyour parents.31. What is the maximum penalty for serving alcohol to minors?32. Who is liable in drunk driving cases under the common law? What are the liabilities and damages associated with the common law?33. Who is liable in drunk driving cases under the dram shop laws? What are the liabilities and damages associated with the dram shop laws?34. What is the social host liability? Who is liable for a third party injury when the drunken person came from a house party?35. What is a bar’s liability for serving alcohol

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FSU HFT 3603 - Final Exam Review

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