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WWII: 1929 - 1945Federal Reserve: regulate money supplyStock Market Crash 1929 “Speculating”- “buying stocks on margin” - investing with borrowed moneyHoovervilles - places where everyone was living in cardboard housesHoover - believed the economy would fix itself and that people did not need helpDust Bowl - midwest - ground was overworked - people migrated WEST to become migrant farmers (Grapes of Wrath) FDR: (president 16 years) 411- 418New Deal - plan to get out of depression, government intervened - built schools- gave people jobs- payed artists to document great depressionWagner Act - allowed collective bargaining in unionsFair Labor Standards Act - child labor ended, minimum wages beganSocial SecurityCourt Packing - court went against FDR’s programs, FDR tried to make new positions for judgesWWII:America wanted to stay neutral and isolatedCash and Carry - America gave Europeans weapons - they had to come and pick up and had to pay in cashLend Lease Act - Britain out of money, we lent British weapons and they would pay back laterAmerica tried to take over fueling spots - the Japanese was mad and bombed Pearl Harbor* drew us into WWIIDuring WWII- women taking over jobs, mining, making weapons, etc.- make victory gardens so food would go to soldiers- rationing - people only got a certain amount of foodMilitary - African Americans were segregatedWomen in Military tooSelective Service - draftManhattan Project - secret code name for scientists who built the A-BombDropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki - helped end the warJapanese Internment - put Japanese in internment camps, they lost everythingKorematsu - sues USA saying that under 14th amendment - he should be treated equal - court said “in times of crisis, they would disregard his civil rights”Effects of WWII:- Women’s roles changed- blacks in war - mad b/c they were fighting for country that wasn’t treating them right - started Civil Rights Act United Nations - all countries of united nations come together and make peaceNuremberg Trial and Tokyo (America put Japanese and Nazi soldiers on trial - shows that it doesn’t matter what you did during war - beyond what war is you can be convicted of those crimes) - convictedG.I. Bill - soldiers get money for college - low interest loans for housesWhite Flight - when whites moved to suburbs FDR dies ?- VP is TrumanCold War:1950’sBabyboomWomen cleaning house, kids perfect, man workTime of tension between Soviet Union - tried to contain communismTruman Doctrine - send aid to any country who was about to become communistArms and Space Race - Soviet Union sent Sputnik, American reached moon firstGermany - got split up into 4, (West Germany), USSR had East Germany (Berlin went into 3 sections)West Berlin - democraticEast Berlin - communist- Berlin Wall split West and East- America sent supplies to West Berlin (Berlin Air-Lift)NATO - democratic countries making an alliance against communistWarsaw Pact - communist countries making alliance against democraticMcCarthyism - started accusing people of being communismAlbert Hiss, Rosenbergs - people thought to be spiesKorean + Vietnam - North - Communist- south - Democraticnorth taking over south - US came because of Truman Doctrineended in stalemateEisenhower1960’s - JFK- wanted civil rights- young and handsome2 mistakes as president:- Bay of Pigs - we took Cuban exiles and trained them to invade Cuba - failed- Cuban Missile Crisis - USSR put missiles in Cuba b/c we had missiles in Turkey - JFK said if USSR crosses line we will see it as direct threat towards US1960’s- rebellious kids - hippies- woodstock- protested against Vietnam War - cameras now showed what was happening in war- Civil Rights Movement - civil disobedience, Sit-Ins, Freedom Riders, Black PanthersRosa Parks - Bus Boycott, I have a dream, wrote a letter in jailMLK - civil disobedienceMalcolm x - believed in violence - believed that blacks should have own community - similar to Black PanthersBrown vs. Board of Ed. - got rid of legal segregation (Jim Crow Laws), integrated schools - overturned Plessy vs. Ferguson Little Rock 9 - 9 children were going to a white school - troops were sent to escort childrenLB Johnson - takes over- plan The Great Society - when government intervened, food stamps, medicare/medicaid, head start, etc.)- signs Civil Rights Act 1964 - prohibited discrimination in public places24th Amendment - got rid of all voting restrictions (Literacy Test, etc.)Warren Court - 1960’s supreme courtMiranda vs. ArizonaMapp vs. OhioGideon vs. Wainwright- supreme court more liberal - gave rights to people getting arrestedRachel Carson - Silent Spring - book about DDT (chemicals on plants) - sparked environmental protestEnvironmental ActClean Air ActClean Water ActCesar Chavez -- better working conditions for migrant (usually immigrant) workersAIM -- Wounded KneeStonewallwomen’s rights

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CCRI HIST 1010 - WWII: 1929 - 1945

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