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70’sRise of Feminism - women were fighting for rights (equality in home, workplace, kept last name, started Nation Organization for Women [NOW])- Women’s rights movement- Roe vs. Wade (1973) - Roe is fake name, woman wanted legal abortion but illegal at time, took to court, went to supreme court, supreme court allowed abortion legal now - right to privacy)- Equal Rights Amendment - gave women same pay and rights under law, (people spoke against it) - and did not passLBJ - resigns b/c he increased fighting in Vietnam people went against him- Congress passes War Powers Act in 1973 - saying that president needs approval to send troops anywhere- only overseas 90 days, then congress gets to decide if they want them to be thereRichard Nixon (republican) won:- Vietnamization - withdrawing soldiers from vietnam- tried to break ice in cold war - reached out to China and Soviet Union (signs SALT 1 treaty -limiting amount of missiles each country could make) - did not work- Detainte - easing tensions between China and Soviet Union- Nixon paranoid - started video taping oval office meetings- tapped people phone lines- had committe to re-electing president (CRP) - re-elect him for president- Nixon Goes against Democrat (Nixon had people put wires into democrat parties at Watergate hotel) - people asked CRP for records for where money was coming from - investigation started - Nixon guilty and tries to cover up - truth comes out- United States vs. Nixon (takes him to court to get tapes from him) - U.S. wins and Nixon turns in tapes- house of representatives tries to impeach him- senate tries to put him on trial (before that he resigns as president)Next President (his vice president) - Gerald Ford- He gets Nixon out of jail and Nixon never gets on trial- people did not trust government- people hated Ford because he pardoned NixonJimmy Carter - president (peanut farmer, big teeth, blonde hair) (democrat)- got elected because people didn’t didn't trust government and b/c he had never been in a government position- fighter for human rights- Camp David Accords- Hostages- economy bad, he was not re-electedOil in middle east - lots exported to USDuring 1970’s we were supported israel so stopped selling oils to us- Jimmy Carter (Camp David Accords) invited prime minister of Israel and Egypt to talk aboutit, Israel agreed with Egypt - peace talk successKhomeini- took over Israel and the Shah (who sold US oil) was kicked out- hated America- America allowed Shah to come - Khomeini took American hostages (for more than a year)- Jimmy Carter tries to get out of hostage80’s- aids started to occurRonald Reagan- won - gets credit for getting hostages out (republican)- very conservative- (Supply Side Economics) - cut taxes for wealthy (will re-invest more money to start businesses - will help everyone else) - economy was booming at time- (Iran Contra Scandal) - Nicaragua - Sandinistas- Reagan did not want Sandinistas in office because he thought they were communist- however amendment said that we can not give any military aid to help overthrow Sandinistas- but, in Iran promised release of hostages in Lebanon - to raise money, America sold weapons to Nicaragua going against amendment - but Reagan denies it90’s - PresentGeorge H.W. Bush (republican)- president during Persian Gulf War and ended Cold War- president when wall came downBill Clinton (democrat)- balanced budget and America made more money than they spent (budget surplus)- gets caught in lie - house of representatives impeached him- senate finds him not guilty2000 election-George W. Bush vs. Al Gore- 3rd party Ralph Nader- demanded recountBush v Gore- court denies recount- Bush won- (popular vote doesn’t matter)- tax cuts (put into recession) - cut taxes but continued to spend- Iraq war- Homeland Security Act - help to protect us from another

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CCRI HIST 1010 - Rise of Feminism

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