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World History Notes 10/25/2013Fall of Rome- Huns arrive from East Asiao Huns are the true barbarianso Absorbed conquered people or killed themo When each Hun is born, their cheeks are cut to toughen them up- Visigoths plead with the Romans for protection against the Hunso 80,000 Visigothso Alliance is formed 376 AD between Visigoths and Romans which offered protection against the Hunso This alliance works both ways, Visigoths get protection; Romans get 80,000 soldiers/ taxpayerso Romans however, did not give Visigoths promised supplies; 378 AD Visigoths rebelled. Emperor Valens led an army at Battle of Adrianople but is badly defeated and Valens dies. Visigoths are free toroam.o Theodosius is the new emperor in 395 ADo 400-410 AD new Visigoth king, Alaric, sacks Rome 410 ADo Establishes a successor Kingdom in Spain- Germanic and other groups settle downo Germanic group called Franks establish a kingdom in France in 406 ADo Anglo-Saxons move to England and establish kingdom there (King Arthur legend)o Burgundians go to Burgandy and establish a kingdom there.o Vandals establish a kingdom in North Africa- Attila the Hun invades Italy 453 AD, Pope Leo I the Great and St. Paul (and abunch of angels) convince Attila to leave- 476 AD Odovacer fights Orestes and disposes the last Roman Emperor Romulus Agustulus and proclaims himself king of Italy.-Byzantine Empire- Was the Eastern Roman Empire, but after Rome fell Constantinople became the capitol of a new empire, Byzantine Empire- Lasted till 1453 AD- Official Religion was Orthodox o Justinian decreed it- Justinian was harsh to Captics and Jacobites- Captic = Egypt (Protected by Theodora)- Jacobite = Syria- Corpus Iuris Civilis (Body of Civil Law)o Most important, influential, organized Roman Law Code of Justinian Digest Institutes – simplified Laws Novels – The new laws Justinian issued-- Justinian was a great emperor. Justinian conquered, make laws, and built. (saw himself as the last roman empire)- Justinian accomplished many of the things he did because of his wife Theodora-- War of Factions : Blues vs Greens- Procopius, served on the staff of one of Justinian’s Generals, tells us the following about Theodora. He believed Theodora was much too young to be Justinian’s husband, so she become a courtesan. Was very clever, became very popular. Was a hoe. He wrote this in his “secret history’ so probably wasn’t supposed to be published. At one point in her life she was a prostitute.- Boyfriend dumps Theodora in Egypt, Theodora meets Coptic Christians. Theodora has connection with the “Blues” faction in Constantinople, Justinianis a Blue, they meet each other and marry. Without Theodora, Justinian might not have been as famous.- 532 AD Blues and Greens riot Constantinople. This is called Nika Revolt (Blue and Green join forces). This riot devastates Constantinople, they choosea new emperor to replace Justinian. Justinian and advisors plan on running, Theodora however stands up and rallies Justinian and advisors to fight back. Byzantine military comes back in time and ends revolt. Justinian ruled till 565AD because of Theodora. Built the Hagia Sophia, temple of holy wisdom, great church of the Byzantine

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