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13) Second great awakening notes – Why were Methodists so successful during the early republic? What tactics/ideas did they use? They used women and average farmer Joes and gave them leadership roles. Circuit riders were given roles that they went on a month circuit preaching to different towns. This format was able to keep up with expansion much better than staying in one place. Rise of new kinds of religion along with this expansion method grew religion huge by civil war.22) Urban slavery – Frederick Douglas. Experienced at one specific skill opens up opportunities for a slave and can lead to literacy and even making money if you can escape. Urban slaves had a very unique experience in slavery.11) Telegraph key for info. Canals, roads, railroads, steamboats allowed goods people and ideas to travel people. Eerie canal reduced the rate of shipping significantly. Allowed connection from Midwest to east coast. Helped the economy and gave hope for a bright future and growth. Facilitated expansion westward. Steamboats allowed people to ship goods up-stream. Especially helped people in remote places get things to market quicker.26) Focus on the tactics that Polk used to get the Oregon territory. Bluffing war, asked for more than he wanted to negotiate and still come out on top. Tried this with Texas and it didn’t work because we end up going to war with Mexico.20) Tobacco, Rice, cotton, and sugar. Each crop is grown different and has a specific system of labor to harvest these crops. Sugar is the most brutal type of slave labor, very region specific (Gulf coast). Pros v Cons of each system. Benefit for the task system you were allowed to go home and do whatever you please with your free time. Gang slavery you’re under heavy surveillance all day long. Think about various climates and different advances in technology allow the market to grow ex cotton gin. Viability of certain crops expanded slavery in different areas and made people lots of money. Geography, slavery, and crops share intimate relationship with each other.4) Know they two plans, know the two parties, federalist and anti-federalist. Big national government v small national government and stronger state government Difference in ideas and implementation of senate to give equal say. Virginia plan, new jersey plan, Connecticut compromise.7) First piece of legislation to outlaw slavery in new territories like Oregon Indiana, Illinois. Set the tone that slavery was not going to be allowed in half of the country. Foreshadowed the conflict that would come and divide the country.5) Federalist v Anti-Federalist Constitution was not set up for a two party system. Very quickly it develops by 1800. Founding fathers didn’t really support two party system because of the divide it would create. Constitution was supposed to be about the best people being in charge, party didn’t matter you would do what’s best for the people.14) Postmillennialism- what was going to happen after the Christ came to the world from a Christian viewpoint. Very optimistic went along with the viewpoint of the country at this time. The view of progress that was part of the reform movement. History was continuing to improve, can tie it into all the reform movements that things were going to get better and better.41) The play- temperance wasn’t supposed to end all alcohol consumption just regulate it. They didn’t try to beat the bible over the head and be so hardcore they tried to integrate entertainment and humor into it. Uses ides of romanticism and humor but they are still trying to relate to the common people and get the point across.10) America finally asserts its full independence. Last time Indians tried to form an alliance to push Americans back. Opened up all the land in the wst for expansion and it got all foreign nations out of America. Showed the world we were real and opened up economic opportunities.16) Temperance, abolitionism, women’s right’s, school movement, prison. How these ideas were related at the time and how they were tied to the optimistic view of the whole country.32) Important trigger for the war because blood had actually been shed. Dispute over elections, the people should decide if the it was a slave state or free state. People from Missouri came over and casted false ballots. Sparked a riot, john brown, people were more defensive over slavery. An attempt to deal with the idea new territory and slavery, kind of went back on previous rulings.43) Know plotline of book, difference in classes, spreading influence of America and Americas economic influence. Getting goods from chine (opium) shows how they are connected and in the world wide scene but just Nantucket, the rest of America was going through a recession. Look at essay prompts for paper. Know the tragedy.29) Tie to westward expansion. Enough with the persecution and they moved to Utah to get a fresh start. Connect to slavery as well. Get a lot of people there quick. Didn’t expect people to move west that fast and gain enough residence for statehood. Puts pressure on decision makers on what were going to do with the west.45) Changing attitudes as the war went on. North wasn’t always behind it. Specific points are turning points in the war, why is Gettysburg such a big deal? Differences between north and south. Big one was economies the north could just outspend the south. By the end of the war southern economy was in shambles. Much more economic and human capital in the north. South struggled to keep men in the war because of small population. South offered freedom of slaves if they fought. Runaway inflation of the south. Not one answer, it’s a combination of all aspects.24) Strategies that Polk used, pressure for Mexico to go in. Historical importance in the Mexican American war. We could have taken much more territory (all the way down to Mexico city) but only went to border.40) Really great example of disconnect of generals ideas of how to execute a battle and new weapons through them off and changed the way the war needed to be fought. Hard to change their war tactics. Longstreet thought we should dig trenches and hid behind trees but the old school generals saw that as cowardly, loose lots of men because of it. Too many men die from south to continue their conquest for Washington.Essay: Make sure it is a targeted essay arguing a point. Have a thesis and back it up with specific detail. Write a couple of examples that support the thesis but very

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