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Slide 1Slide 2Slide 3Slide 4Slide 5Slide 6Slide 7Slide 8Slide 9Slide 10PSCI 1040Unit 1Red is really important stuffAlso don’t redistribute these notes That would be a dick moveOoh ahh look how pretty the theme is1783- Revolutionary War endsArticles of Confederation written 1787- Constitution written and put into effect Faction- A majority or minority group acting against the interests of the community (public good)Liberty is to faction as air is to fire Stop factions:Remove causes-Take liberty orCommon interests for all citizensControl effectsPrinciples of ConstitutionRight to propertyPersonal and public libertyRights of the minority (security and stability) Diversity of facultiesInherently unequal distribution of property Constitution addresses the question “If you have a democratic government, how do you control majority factions?”Democracy is not the answer, it’s the problem. Republican form of government hinges on representationPurpose- refine and enlarge“Save us from ourselves”Large number of voters per legislatorCongress must be large to be effectiveElectoral districtsMust be proportionalMultiplicity of sectsIf every group has power, no group is in controlPropertyOrigin of right to property- labor mixed with natureLocke’s appleIf you pick and eat an apple, it is yours.Property comes from nature, not government “Ambition must be made to counteract ambition”Modes of electionTerms President- 4 years, electoral college Supreme Court- life with good behavior, nominated by president with advice/consent of the Senate Senate- 6 years, direct election (after 17th amendment) Hall of Representatives- 2 years, direct electionProgressivism → Pragmatic approach → social justice Conservatism → Strict approach → limited government PopulistWorking classAppeal to majorityRaise minimum wage IdealismCommunism- Entire economy is controlled by governmentSocialism- Major industries are controlled by governmentTotalitarianism- Everything (social, economic, etc.) is controlled by governmentAmerica has a unique system of governmentStarted in isolationFounded on ideas (equality, liberty, etc.)Self-governing, local governmentsSlow deliberation Declaration of IndependenceGod not mentioned specifically; “Creator” “Supreme Judge” “Divine Providence”Public relations (purpose is to ask help from Europe)Anti-slavery (eventually omitted)Unity- practical v. idealisticShay’s RebellionExposed flaws in a weak central govtNo military or foreign diplomacyInterstate commerce difficult to regulate Constitution PlanningVirginia/Large State Plan- Based representation on populationNew Jersey/Small State Plan- Equal representation for all statesConnecticut Compromise- Bicameral legislature3/5 Compromise- Is Constitution a pro-slavery document?Opposition to Constitution (Antifederalists)]UndemocraticElectoral districts too largeSupreme Court had authority to turn over state & local lawsNo Bill of Rights Reasons to not include BoRToo restrictiveToo litigiousPositive grant of governmentUnnecessary Purpose of Constitution- Preamble U.S. Constitution is oldest and shortest in the worldTHE ENDOnce again, don’t reproduce these notes.I’ll be very

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UNT PSCI 1040 - Revolutionary War

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