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1 2 • Media is there to help us understand who the front runners are • Presidential debates, daily speeches, media coverage, campaign ads, analysis of these ads,3 • Nomination- a party is endorsing a candidate, a stepping stone to the presidential election • You have to win the nomination to be on the general election ballot as a member of that political party • Media attention is free publicity. Increased news coverage might increase support. • A plan is necessary to win elections • In 1992 Democrats didn’t campaign in Iowa bc one of Iowa’s senators was running for election • Barack Obama in 2008 had a much smaller strategy than Hilary Clinton. Obama- “every delegate matters” • Midterm election in November, we won’t know who is running for rep or dem election until after that election • Many critics say that 2 years is too long away from your job, etc. • Pic of Obama’s shoes as part of campaign end ads 4 • The vote: • You cast a vote, that vote essentially becomes a delegate. • Larger states are worth more than smaller states • You receive a numerical number of delegates based on votes you get • People would pay more attention to a state based on that # • Today the convention is a “big party for the political party”• Delegates are distributed differently in each state. Dem and Rep also differ. • In TX Rep party – 3 delegates in TX considered Super Delegates • Super Delegates- better than you are. Gov’t elites. They’re there just in case the people decide to make a bad choice. Throw support at better candidates. 5 6 • Caucus- an informal gathering • You’ve got to spend some time voting, but you might be on television • You can go for your second choice • Winning/performing well in Iowa is essential for funding7 • You used to have to vote in front of everyone • Progressives started the primaries bc they thought people needed to select candidates • The nomination is usually the last person standing • Blanket primary- The political parties thought this violated their constitutional right to association. Not divided by political parties. Can vote rep or dem. • Closed primaries demonstrate loyalty to a political party 89 • Everyone knew each other, you’d have to make an argument to your friends. When you extend that to the voters you’re asking voters who are generally uninterested in politicals to learn about them. To find this info voters rely on news media and ads. • Important to nominating system • One thing you remember from campaigns? – the Horse Race 1011 1213 • Insurance people rely on young people to offset costs of sick • You have to have money. It buys organization. Other people write out the economic plan, not the candidate. • Can’t rely on tv to advertize • The more money you have and spend the more likely you are to win 14 • Mike Huckabee won Iowa, came out of nowhere. Had Chuck Norris. • Voters in Iowa and NH expect to be able to communicate with candidates • Canvasing and getting out the vote • Democratic party is diverse and is concerned about diversity and making ppl feel like they matter to the political party • Dem party made sure that Nevada is second Caucus (has hisp pop) then New Hampshire (black pop) • Take some of emph of Iowa and NH bc they aren’t dem rep of US15 • You need a lawyer in a campaign • John McCain- “straight talk express”. Open to reporters. He supported immigration reform, conservatives didn’t like this. Made himself open and available to reports all the time. • Howard Dean- first to attract donations through the internet. Then McCain, then Obama. • Web based and phone based technologies 16 • In 1992 the calendar of states was spread out pretty widely • We want to be in play before this is determined17 • Concern that we’re nominating people to face off in general election • Reformers want same level of turnout to select nominees as selection • Media focus on horserace and not other issues, so this doesn’t happen. Plus Americans aren’t that interested in politics • Rand Paul wasn’t considered in media even though viable candidate 18 • If there were a 3 way race the convention could matter • In 2008 it was a big deal that Obama was going to text • You get to meet the Vice President • IF you except federal money in a campaign, you have to accept spending limits. If you don’t, you can spend as much as you want. First person to not accept – Barack Obama in 2008 • Spending of federal money is bcming outdated in this sense • Speakers talk about how great nominees are awesome • News coverage didn’t focus on Barack Obama’s great speech, it focused instead on McCaine selecting Palin19 20Last slide offset somewhat by cable 21 22 • All about marketing. Media events, campaign events • You need to have a clear message that people can take away-the winning image- (Obama: hope and change) • News is all about who’s winning and who’s losing.• Spend a lot of money on advertisements. This percentage has been about the same for the past 30 years or so. • Positive ads increase voter turnouts. Make yourself seem like an awesome person. • Contrast ads provide a lot of information. “My opponent voted to slash funding for…but I voted to support…” • Watched 1952 Eisenhower v. Stevenson cartoon campaign – a positive 1950s jingle that gets stuck in ppls heads • 1964 Johnson vs. Goldwater campaign commercial – negative example • 1992 Clinton v Bush v Perot campaign commercial • Do you have the life story that fits the problem that the US is facing? • The Bear represents the soviet union in the video for Reagan v. Mondale 23 • Not everyone watches the debates. People who don’t watch risk being influenced by news coverage • First debate with Algore: his size made people like him less • We usually support the same person before and after debates 242000 – the debates really made a difference this year and people were unsure about Algore 25 October 2012 News coverage 2627 28 • There weren’t many rules regarding how to run campaigns before this • Federal Election Campaign Act: basic criteria for campaign finance

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