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Parole Chapter 8 Parole The conditional release of a prisoner prior to completion of the imposed sentence under the supervision of a parole officer Discretionary Release early release based on the paroling authority s assessment of eligibility Mandatory Release Early release after a time period specified by law Pardon an executive act that removes both punishment guilt History of Parole Rooted in 18th century English penal practice of indentured servitude From 1775 through 1856 English offenders were sent to Australia Captain Alexander Maconochi ticket of leave system Development of American Parole 1st parole legislation Massachusetts 1837 1st parole program implemented at New York s Elmira Reformatory late 1870s Wickersham Commission 91931 4 essential elements of a good parole program In the 1970s research found that prison rehabilitation programs had few positive benefits Martinson What Works Reentry The process of transition that offenders make from prison jail back into the community Nearly 2 000 offenders leave prison every day Reentry Issues Employment Housing Health Reentry Programs Granting parole Paroling Authority A person or correctional agency parole board parole commission that has the authority to grant revoke and discharge from parole Parole Eligibility Date the earliest date on which an inmate might be paroled Decision factors Nature of Offense Prior Criminal Record Institutional Record Parole Program Types of Parole Mandatory Parole requires the correctional authority to grant parole after the inmate serves a specific period of time as required by law most commonly used method Discretionary Parole the decision to parole rests with a parole board or parole commission who reviews a case to determine whether they believe the prisons is ready to be returned to the community Characteristics of Parolees community supervision Parolee a person who is conditionally released from prison to Year end 2012 851 200 adults were on parole in the U S AR 23k Women make up 12 of parolees Typically white non0Hispanic male on mandatory parole one year Civil death lose certain rights Median age of a parolee is 34 with an 11th grade education Does parole Work 2 3 arrested in 3 years 30 within first 6 months of release Approximately complete terms of parole Arkansas Act 570 Opposition to parole

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U of A CMJS 3203 - Chapter 8: Parole

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