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Part A Daniel Silva 1 best seller The confessor Sara Nomberg Przytyk the verdict miss Helena faced w moral dilemma no logic cause and effect dillema whetehr subconscious or unconscious death is better she is foreknowable germans mislead for amusement girls were silent words fail friendly meetings setting in Auschwitz infirmary telling about some1 irena the actress doesn t understand how others can laugh sing in lager irena carves out pleasures dressing as hitler to entertain ironic orli is jewish name sugguests jewish doesnt want to reveal what she knows diction tone ironic Elie Wiesel Plea for the dead not only man died at Auschwitz but also the idea of man response to academic questions of survivors what did u do to survive why ddint your revolt the indifference of a bystander is worse Ida Fink a scrap of time Paul Celan born in 1920 paul antschel changed to ancel then celan grew up in Bukovina czernowitz father orthodox Zionist spoke german at home and romanian at school understood yidish Hebrew became fluent in French Russian and Ukrainian too mother was assimilated through her german was the muttertoungue wasnt home wjennazis took away parents captured later on sent to Romanian death camp for 19 months celan fled to Vienna when liberated then paris won brechman literary prize wrote poerty in german had anxiety depression drowned in paris Dan Pagis draft of a reparations agreement narrator germans impossible repartaio Pagis addresses spiritual promises diction carries obsceneities seem before Lamguage used to destroy jews is seen again only way to repay is bring back those murdered testimony nature of title document bares witness germans created in image of satan god apologizes for absence Mikolos Radnoti forced march in 3rd person omnicent mapped destruction of individuals horrpulate goosebumps supine flat movements fractured split down middle broken lines appeal for solidarity of community Second part is in 1st person narrative picture postcards ferociously ironic poet addressing fanni wife then reader subverted pic by war and death angel of history back to past Part II juxtapose scenes of war with pasternal smoking in crematorium not cig narration of gravity end stop lines III flat direct observation of condomed convoy IV enjamed when line continures narrating Lorsi s death friend he is still moving imagines its his own body predicts own death and that s how he really dies Yehuda Amichai wrote about paul celans death Graffiti poems written in pencil in the sealed railway car challeneges literary craft rebuke those who seek comfort diseaase Pslams both pslams anuls comfort creation subverts conventions those who sing are like g d that is absent and anti psalms were sacred bitter marked by absence rose was often to Israel Anti pastorials picture postcards Alma Kluger mother to ruth selfish and didn t offer guidance Dr Josef Mengele doctor who experimented on children twins Paul Antschel aka paul celan Ganz und gar nicht hermetisch celans poems were hermetyic closed off only interpretable by the person code Edmond Jabes Tangoul Mortii egyption jew expelled in 1938 went to Israel the book of questions 1958 etymology Marguerite ideal blue eyed blonde hair german Shulamith brown hair brown eyed jew limit of representation Todesfuge death fugue ashes in creamatoria black milk by paul celan most famous poem 1945 preface romanian tangoul mortii tango of death annul the popular song in argentina Became correculum in school but Germany wanted to move on makes direct aulusions to Auschwitz but he was not in Auschwitz he was in maidanek misread by germans thought it was 4 reconcilition so celan s topped reading Czernowitz Black Flakes originally titled mutter converse w mom 1 stanza poet 2nd mother 3rd poet Poem as a message in a bottle meridian speech 1960 In Darmstadt Germany awarded George beuchner prize in 1960 Abba Kovner wrote today is the 16th of july friends with wittenburg Great agony when he died all his life even when had cancer zionist narrator of poem spoe to self but addressing audience never addresses direct betrayal of wittenburg til now Vilna Ghetto FPO jewish organization of resistance Took place in vilma ghetto Itzik Wittenburg head of FPO he was a confirmed communist died to save others had great courage Transnistria labor camp radnoti Gabriel Allon an assiain for Israel mossad painter and sculpter restorer in venice Leopold assaisin Crux Vera ultra conservative organization w in church leaders in powerful position close to the pope must hide bc new pope paul VII wants reconicliatiton for jews Benjamin Stern professor former collegue of mossad was killed in munich while writing a book on holocaust Frau Ratzinger neighbor to ben stern Had the secret letter allon was lloking for Yigdal by Moses Maimondes Tzili lived as result of luck and perseverance vulnerable family says shes stupid from large and poor jewish fam almost mute cant remember anything old man teaches her jewish study once a week gets fusturated what is man dust and ashes when war broke out family leaves her to watch the house escapes unharmed b c lying in yardhiden prays falls asleep runs away awakes tells ppl shes marias daughter whore old man tries to grab tzili but blind gets away menstrautes when hiding finds Katrina and lives w her works Prostitute too tzili runs awayfinds couple but gets beat up when marias daughter finds mark gets him things from town gets him vodka have sex mark doesn t return she finds shes pregnant works again for peasent but beaten finds refuges has miscarriage Linda carnival queen speaks of self in third person looks out for tzili tells her what happen during war sings and drinks old Hungarian lullibies Rosa mother to madga tries to save madga doesn t know if should get shawl 1st or magda believes magda still alive still has shawl lives in Miami relies of stella smashes antique store trapped in durational time loses underpants persky has them says hotel manager finklestein is nazi Dr Tree wants to talk to rosa and get her story wants to know how being a survivor feels but she hates being called a survivor Magda stellas daughter rosa takes away shawl results in death thrown against barbewire stella still imagines her looked aryanStella rosas neice 14 at camps jealous of magda rosa takes away shawl from magda cuz cold supports rosa from NYC Andrej son of mothers best friend jew converted to gentile he raped rosa Simon Persky friend but says my warsaw wasn t your warsaw

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