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A FALSE PAPERS MELSON through useless cruelty choicless choices able to survive Survival luck Luck follows them and evaporates in American go to japan and willy fails bobi resents his faher for his affairs bobi tapes all views on their story As a kid he didn t rememeber he was jewish but he wants to ackonowledge his voice and the story MAUS I II SPIEGALMAN autobiography of vladick and art spiegalman and mother anja s biography Vladick burned anyas story Germans vicious cats jews mice americans dogs poles pigs Cartoon to acknowledged portraying the holocaust is impossible Commix abrevioation for mixture of art and narrative cant explain shoah affectively but together they can Mauss shows vladicks life before anjas sister poisens daughter and vladicks son Kinder transport kids sent to England to be saved vladick was in polish army and captured Vladick dream survival Reshu is vladicks fav art replaced him art feels manipulated by vladick resents him and admires him for suriving 1G 2G have difficulty relating Vladick is unpleasant and bitter due to experiences Suffering does not bring salvation Tibetan book reincarnation Macher player Vladick distant difficult cheap mother anna affectionate over protective suffocating Hascal vladick has heart attack pavel shrink survivor BUKIET INTRODUCTION tone angry boarders of rage directed to other authors fiction writers says if you didn t experience it find your own tragedy to write about everyone feels easy bringing it into their story says 1st 2nd gen own the shoah book of fragments story of young child his experiences in the shoah not in camps hidingLIBRARY OF MOLOCH BUKIET moloch baal god of the philistine dr david ricardo concerse spanish jew memory of shoah can be ingaged and rep story is a warning against shoah cant object or testify of shoah molach god of Israelites furnance as a stomach throw children alive to the stomach rude cruel evoke crematorian gas chamber bukiet sees 2nd gen as witnessing memorializing story addresses what bukiet expresses hostility for in his intro ricardo auschawitz world to come olam haba this world olam ha zehUNTIL THE GUARD HAS PASSED AINI dr mashiah empathetic Baruch upholster sumson the butched own experience levi carpenter sophie yad vshem Lakead mendi yiddish the war after pirkp auote foundations of ethics or sayings of our fathers Israeli story Levi sophie pregnant dr says almost ready to have baby boy levi is carpenter setting is in his house ingrained Took darios place in card game his turn to host it integrated into community which provides status and feels apart of something woman clapping is sophie old person is the tale the card game is to deflect the ambivilant feelings He is protective of his wife doesn t want sophies trauma to destroy plaee in community sophie survivior she wss hidde in orphanage by nuns everytime the guard passedby children had to pass which was a sign germans were near Osashons german guard dogs Sophie doesn t want to embarrass levi Says old woman claps everytime car passes Its iasraeli story some are sympathetic Sampson has number the green imprint is blunt Does not talk about it Sophie says to tie her up Author says son will inherit mothers clapping Child will inheirit bare witness Juxtaposition of the difference will be the mother clapping too the meaning for the child clapping while laughing THE PURPLE JEW KAUFMAN mother was brutal to son she was fearful deeply scared and frightened by authority Son was only able to embrace protect mother in imagination She only feels safe secure at home where she can take out her anger on him family treating them brutally she cant let go on shoah she is disfigured by it The death imprint can be brutal there is no discussion Heightened awareness of danger and moral threats Hminka female expression of divine EXCISION LIEBRECHT autobiography life of child survivor Sharp sizzors durational time deep memory Henya grnamother tells miri granddaughter who is 4 about camps chooses to tell her bc memory is triggored intimcacy of cutting her hair Child sees hair and threatens grandma she is outcast to family its familiar discussion tell mommy on you Zvi is son to Henya and he is saddened by what she did Ziva is Zvis wife who is livid w henya look at the catastrophe hyperbole exaggeration henya is a burden She says the holocaust is prehistory leave past in past Always a boundary b w survivor and 2 nd generation Ziva wants to move past shoah weighs you down scarficing present for the past zva says by allowing this to continue Hitler is winning and living beyond his existence Cant allow it to disfigure our lives ZIva doesn t want miri to know what happened until shes older b c she doesn t want her to be traumatized Lice leaving body migration from one generation to another the stories are told Ziva knows trauma is with us but their must be a way to continue living Now miri will identify the shoah w this bad experienceNIGHTFATHER FRIEDMAN father was silent could say emil feckenham 614 commandment All stories deal w child surivivors fathers trauma manifested in the safety of his home the children even have a namefor it the father is normal outside home narrator daughter max simon better mother wife father willi hammer heinrich Notion of camp every distilled thhro experience DANCING AT CLUB HOLOCAUST STEINFELD ruben sklar professor son of survivor went to halloween party and one dean was dressed as hitler Speaking on bottom bunk is closer to experience Hostility direcred to those who don t remember Wants to create place that mother cant dance but she cnt she was ruined by holocaust Schlar is unreliable narrator Dr said divorced not marred Sklar fits into neo nazi clubs perfect german sadism in club club holocaust old infable movies from war defiled german women jews were pictured as vermin in film JUD SUISS spieflman used the rodent to dimish and refuse stereotype His intent is to create havoc seek revenge Sklar has 1 foot in fantasy 1 in real life Burns down club holocaust w self in it he is product of experience Uses german newspaper as ignitionSUMMER LONG A COMING FINKELSTEIN holocaust has followed her like a shadow defined her life in ways she resisted Yankl rukhl szuster pulty farm in jersey where story takes place 3 children perel pearl sheiye steven brantzche brenda brbara finkelstein james pultry About survivors who try to shiled their kids from exoeruences try to isolate themselves from grater world Try to insulate themselves from America

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