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CONGRESS OF VIENNA – conference of ambassadors, chaired by Von Mettervich, settle issues that arose from various wars, first in the larger series called the concert of Europe, attempt to forge a peaceful balance of power and decide how Europe was going to be runKLEMENS VON METTERVICH – leader of the congress of Vienna, Austrian statesman, tried to stop the outbreak of additional revolutions, wanted to keep balance of powerMULTINATIONAL EMPIRE – British empire extended into Pakistan, India, China, expanded rule; Austria-HungaryVISCOUNT CASTLEREAGH – England, didn’t want to place the blame on France for the Napoleonic WarsTSAR ALEXANDER I – Russian, believed he was the savior of EuropeKARL von HARDENBERG – Prussian leader, thought the four powers should concern themselves with the well being of the entire community and not just their own well beingQUADRUPLE ALLIANCE – Austria-Hungary, Great Britain, Russia, and PrussiaSPANISH REVOLUTION OF 1820 – uprising against the monarchy in Spain, get the idea from the French Revolution, Concert of Europe organized a counter-rebellion and stopped the revolution to get the monarchy back in powerULTRAS – ultra royalists, French aristocrats, against Napoleon and the French RevolutionREALPOLITIK – the attitude of the English during most of the revolutions; politics based on power and on practical and material factors and considerations, rather than ideological notions or ethical considerationsITALIAN REVOLUTION OF 1821 – Austria, Russia, Prussia suppress the revolution in Italy and makes a ruler absoluteOTTO von BISMARCK – Iron Chancellor, he was responsible for uniting GermanyCONCERT OF EUROPE – organized by von Mettervich, goal was to keep monarch in power and stop the spread of revolutionsRUSSIAN REVOLUTION OF 1825 – Nicholas I, son of Tsar Alexander I, stops the rebellionKAISER – King of Germany1829 GREEK INDEPENDENCE – only successful revolutionTHE YEAR OF REVOLUTION 1848 – they all fail, many attemptedSETTLEMENT OF 1867 CHARLES MAURICE de TALLEYRAND – French diplomat, goal was to get the rest of Europe to forget about Napoleon, he didn’t want France associated with Napoleon, wanted a new start for FranceTHE REVOLUTION OF 1848: AN

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