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Fall 2013 LECTURE HISTORY 150 STUDY GUIDE EXAM I RECONQUEST 500 700 year struggle to drive Muslims out of Spain that s why Columbus sails in BOURBONS Bourbon kings royal family of France Bourbon kings of Spain after the war of 1492 Spanish Succession Philip marries Bourbons come on catholic church family brings it creation of ROMANOVS Russian royal family around for 300 years HAPSBURG Royal family of Austria holy roman emperors After the death of Isabel and Ferdinand Johanna the mad start of the Hapsburgs in Spain ends with war of Spanish succession throne after HOHENZOLLERNS Prussian royal family REFORMATION Martin Luther in Germany 95th thesis rise of Protestantism split in roman TUDORS Lancaster family PETER THE GREAT Wants to Europeanization of Russia HENRY 7th Start of Tudor family of Lancaster marries Edward the 4ths daughter of the York family together ending 30 year crisis Henry 8th Had problems with his wives wants to divorce wife Katharine of Aragon pope denies English Church takes over Roman Catholic Church English Church ELIZABETH I virgin queen last of the Tudor with death Scottish kings appear the Stuart kings STUARTS Scottish kings that rise after death of Elizabeth I ROUNDHEADS Civil war between parliament and Stuarts supporters of parliament CAVALIERS Supporters of Stuarts WAR OF THE ROSES each family symbolized by red or white rose Lancaster family and the CROMWELL comes out victorious lord protector king after civil war RESTORATION restoring of Stuart kings to throne after Oliver Cromwell THIRTY YEARS WAR War in Germany between Protestant and Catholic princesses leads to holy collapses BILL OF RIGHTS 1689 Magna Carta Petition of Right then creation of Bill of Rights that takes Petition of Right and makes it more defined French Rev and Mexican Rev Associated with Glorious Rev Glorious Revolution Removal of James the 2nd William of Orange and Mary oldest daughter of Protestant take the throne James the 2nd leaves and William and Mary just come in and take Parliament tells them that they have to accept Bill of Rights which limits their power Ties in Act Act of Settlement You have to be protestant to be king not Catholic to control church of England Magna Carta early limitations on Norman kings French kings who come to England and become York s Roman empire James the 2nd over of Settlement English kings PETITION OF RIGHT Put limitation on the kings can t have marshal law PARLEY In England Leads to Parliament BERING STRAIT Land bridge between Siberia Russia and Alaska at the time population of the THE HORSE Crossing the Bering strait came from Russia BALANCE OF POWER Modern States System system of diplomacy balance of power so you new world don t have war all countries should have the right to have their own foreign policies ERIC THE RED Vikings Greenland New World s first real estate booster LIEF ERICSSON Vikings Vinland BARTHOLOMEW DIAS Portuguese explorer that sails around Cape of good hope around tip of Africa VASCO DA GAMA Discovers India FRANCISCO PIZARRO Incas ACT OF SUPREMACY Peace of legislation that is tied to the creation of English Church EDICT OF NANTES Henry the 4th start of the St Bartholomew massacre murders of thousands protestants grants them religious freedom FLORIDA Ponce De Leon Looking for fountain of youth FLOWER WARS On going wars between Aztecs and indigenous Indians right of passage to of peaceful for sacrifice JOHN CABOT Gives England right to Atlantic Sea board Talked about grand fishing banks in MONTEZUMA Leader of the Aztecs HERNANDO CORTEZ Defeats the Aztecs MERCANTILISM Economic system of kings and queens TREATY OF WESTPHALIA Settlement for 30 years war Create freedom for Switzerland and the capture someone Canada INVINCIBLE ARMADA 1588 Phillip gets angry with protestant religion creates navy and goes in to break up formation of Spanish ships Spanish sails to the north sea where the fleet is Protestant winds attack them starts decline of Spanish BIOLOGICAL EXCHANGE Gift from old world Europe to new world Americas is small pox cephalous is gift from new world to old world JUAN PONCE DE LEON Florida VASCO NUNEZ DE BALBOA Discovers Pacific Ocean SIR WALTER RALEIGH Lost colony of Rono creates name Virginia for the area HOLY ROMAN EMPERORS Hapsburgs CONCORDAT OF BOLOGNA French kings take over the roman catholic church nationalization FERDINAND MAGELLAN first to navigate the world AMERIGO VESPUCCI Convinced professors that he sailed and he hadn t fraud ST BARTHOLOMEW S DAY MASSACRE CATHERINE DE MEDICI FORCES BEHIND EXPANSION Gold God and Glory Idea of monarchs expanding their territory Spread of Christianity Technology Gentry class Land Fame and Wealth INDIAN POPULATION DROP Dew to disease THREE GREAT RELIGIONS OF THE MODERN World Islam Judaism and Christianity REASONS FOR THE FALL OF THE WEST ONLY Middle Eastern part survives after Rome falls Byzantine empire survives middle eastern portion WHO CONTROLLED PALESTINE BEFORE WWI AFTER WWI Before is Turks Gains is the English ISLAM MUHAMMAD Starts Islam faith ALLAH God KORAN Holy book JIHAD Holy War Netherlands English channel destroyed when the COMMON LAW Law throughout England compared to France divided into quadrants EMPEROR OF THE ROMANS Otto the Great WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR Start of property tax Doomsday book DOCTRINE OF PREDESTINATION JOHN CALVIN believes in pre destination ADDRESS TO THE CHRISTIAN NOBILITY OF THE GERMAN NATION Martin Luther THE PROTESTANT ETHIC AND THE SPIRIT OF CAPITALISM book by Max Weber

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