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GVPT241 Lecture 2 27 14 Miachiavelli s World The Renaissance Republics and Principalities Liberty as non domination Domination a state of affairs in which you are dependent of the arbitrary will of another doesn t matter if this person is benevolent o Benevolent master slave is still dependent on the arbitrary will of the master o Security against domination involved rule of law Internal and External threats to liberty Community as a whole cannot be dependent on the arbitrary will of another ruler Internal Threat o Signori powerful group who would rise to power within a city through cunning and ruthlessness External Threat o Condottieri professional soldiers for hire at the head of private o Looked to expand cities became more dependent on these militias figures Renaissance Humanism The Rhetorical Arts Exordium a preface to appeal to the readers judgments and passions in order to put the reader in a proper frame of mind to receive and assent to the argument that was going to follow Exhortation a form of writing that attempts to mobilize the reader to action Exemplification the use of examples to convey a point Handbooks for Princes brief written document in rhetorical arts that sough to give rulers sound advice advice for ruling well o The most important virtues a leader should have Virtue of Mirrors for Princes mercy generosity and honesty A New Approach to Politics A Practical Question What is the origin of political community The origin of political community lies in an understanding of the kinds of creatures we are politics is natural for us Political communities come into being because they are founded by special figures with knowledge at a particular point in time Did he write the book on how to guide on those would dominate Did he write it to poke fun at the new ruler Were his loyalties to a republic Did he write this book as a handbook for the citizens An Inductive Comparative and Historical Method General Precepts Avoid Half Measures measures Pre emptive War Cruelty well used harsh measures When gaining power and subduing others one must avoid half One should never allow disorder to persist in order to avoid War is an unavoidable part of political life Thinks the only way that order can be restored is through cruel and Brings in a sadistic man who engages in a lot of violence which makes order restored however the citizens loathe the man Criterion for Cruelty o Only use cruelty as a necessity do not engage in it just because o Cruelty is brief o To the benefit of one s own power and to the benefit of the subjects

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UMD GVPT 241 - Miachiavelli’s World

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