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AMH2020 B001 June 27th Chapter 28 Theodore Roosevelt Presidency 1901 - 1909 Theodore Roosevelt - Secretary of the Navy - He resigned his post and organized a group of volunteers to help with the Cuban war - “Rough Riders”: group of cowboys, outlaws, athletes, Ivy leaguers and cattlemen that T.R. knew from out West o Charged in and took over - T.R. became a hero and was elected governor of NY o He would get nominated as V.P. to get rid of him under McKinley (vs. William Jennings Bryan) o Then became president His Presidency - Square Deal: - Labor, corp., and the general public - Get that by controlling labor, corporations, and the general public by using control of corp., consumer protection, and conservation of natural resources Labor - Settled 1902 Pennsylvania Coal Strike by threatening to seize mines and operate them with Federal Troops - Urged Congress to create Department of Commerce and Labor - Established the Bureau of Corporations as additional arm to President Cabinet Corporations - Secured passage of the Elkins Act (1903) o Imposed heavy fines on railroad that gave rebates and shippers that accepted them- Secured Hepburn Act (1906) o Restricted free passes - Expanded Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) - Anti-Trust Suits o Northern Securities dissolved o 1905- Beef Trust declared illegal by Supreme Court o Filed some 40 suits against Sugar, Fertilizer, Harvester and other Trusts Consumer - Appointed special commission to investigate the Meat Industry - Induced Congress to pass the Meat Inspection Act of 1906 - Encouraged passage of Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 - Secured Congressional Passage of the Newlands Act of 1902 o Money collection from sale of western public lands o Development of irrigation projects o Set aside $125 million acres as Nationally Protected Forests - Developed Multiple Use Resource Management Policy o Combining recreation, logging, watershed protection, summer stock grazing on same land o Fought greedy commercial interests that abused nature and romantic preservationists - Secured Passage of Aldrich-Vreeland Act (1908) o Authorized national banks to issue emergency currency backed by various kinds of collateral Legacy - Greatly enlarged power and prestige of the Presidency - Helped shape the Progressive Movement and paved the way for future liberal reform campaigns - Encouraged Americans to think internationally as a World Power with responsibilities toward other

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UCF AMH 2020 - Chapter 28

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