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AMH2020 B001 June 27th Chapter 27 and 28 Foreign Policy Turn of the Century Philippines governor China Panama 1 out of 5 Philippinos were killed Taft was appointed military governor of the Philippines by McKinley o Was able to negotiate peace and stayed as a military Open Door Policy 1899 Afraid U S wouldn t be able to sell to China Chinese embassy attacked Beijing Boxer Rebellion Met by a multinational force Suppressed the rebellion and got them an open door policy Wanted quicker way to get across and to get ship from East coast to West coast wanted since 1890 s If go through Panama Canal it would shorten the route from 13 000 miles to 5 200 miles not having to go around South America U S first had to negotiate with New England Build in either Panama or Nicaragua Colombia owned Panama at this time Rebellion was successful and Panama gained independence Gave U S 10 mile right away on either side and U S began building canal in 1903 Wasn t finished until 1914 Japan Russia Russia had claims to many islands in Asia Negotiated treaty and both sides conceded Both sides were mad at Roosevelt U S Won Nobel Peace Prize for this treaty Progressives Using gov t for Human Welfare Social gossip o Use Christian beliefs to justify gov t intervention Anti imperialism o Andrew Carnegie Mark Twain etc NOT Roosevelt weren t given consent and likened it to slavery Temperance o Alcohol should be rid of o Henry Ford was very big on NO ALCOHOL o Drunk at work place less work less items sold Labor and minorities o Triangle Shirtwaist the building Eugenics Many young ladies were killed due to being trapped in o Gov t intervention to help the overall Human Welfare o Use Human Genetics on behalf of the common good o This would IMPROVE the human race o Abortion and sterilization were used Sterilize criminals and the mentally ill Some states were sterilizing alcoholics Indiana sterilize and criminals and mentally ill Political term Taft was elected Taft was selected by Roosevelt to continue his policies Roosevelt made speech that he would not run for another term 3rd Taft didn t always follow Roosevelt s policies Prosecuted more companies than Roosevelt Roosevelt ended up trying to run again in Republican convention He was thrown out by the Rules Committee He ran as a progressive candidate Taft VS Roosevelt VS Woodrow Wilson Democrat

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UCF AMH 2020 - Chapter 27

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