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Final Exam Review Asante ARTH275 Arts of Africa Regalia and arts of statecraft Asante Ghana abosom atano the gods kente strip woven cloth heavier more elaborate labor intensive and costly materials reserved for kings or speci c members of royalty Tano River river in central Ghana Indigenous local belief hold that TaaKora the most senior abosom resides at the source of the river visual verbal nexus dynamic interaction of visual motifs and verbal expression Yoruba ARTH275 Arts of Africa Beaded regalia and divine authority Yoruba Nigeria ade crown is the principal symbol of oba s authority ashe sacred authority and power of the ancestors a n royal palace oba king gb ni society organization consisting of both male and female elders which serves to check the abuse of power by rulers Control the choosing inauguration and burial of kings ori inu inner head ori ode outer head orisha god Fon Dahomey ARTH275 Arts of Africa Arts of royal history at the royal palace ajalala and bocio Fon Republic of Benin Dahomey Dahomey kingdom of the Fon meaning in the stomach or middle of the serpent ajalala royal palace fa system of divination bocio sculptural forms considered empowered objects vodun supernatural powers that can be honored and petitioned as speci c deities ARTH275 Arts of Africa Palace architecture and arts of the royal treasuries Bamum Bamileke and Kom Cameroon Grasslands camwood red wood known also as barwood In powdered form camwood is used as both a dye and a cosmetic Camwood is rubbed on sculptural forms in many areas providing a reddish coloration afo a Kom thing belonging to the Kom people fon king ruler of Cameroon Grasslands mandu yenu royal throne richness of beads Nsangu king of Bamum ruled c 1865 1887 Njoya king of Bamum ruled c 1887 1933 Bamum Kongo ARTH275 Arts of Africa Kingdom of Kongo Present day Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo Angola Toni Malau Anthony of good fortune pfemba maternity image tumba or ntadi funerary gure nkisi pl minkisi sacred medicine Designates any number of objects thought to contain spiritual power The power is tapped for purposes of divination healing and protection from evil and is used to ensure success in hunting warfare etc nganga ritual specialist Kuba ARTH275 Arts of Africa Regalia ndop and textile arts Kuba Present day Democratic Republic of the Congo Shyaam aMbul aNgoong founder of the Kuba dynasty around 1625 nyim king Bushoong bwaantshy state dress of the reigning king ndop royal portrait figures raffia an African palm tree having large leaves leaf fibers of this plant are used for mats baskets cloth and other products Mbwoom creator sky god Woot first man Mweel sister Luba Chokwe

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UMD ARTH 275 - Final Exam Review

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