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1 I Combat Continues 1 Lexington and Concord a Why Independence Lecture 1 b c they have appointed a new governor of Massachusetts who has a military background the British have decided to clamp down on the colonies especially Massachusetts i the governor learns of a weapons stockpile in Concord and fears that the colonists intend to open the port of Boston by force ended up being a failed mission i ii a battle occurs and the British easily win the British march on to Concord he orders a preemptive strike at Lexington on the way to Concord the colonists meet the soldiers in the street the British do not find a weapons stockpile so they turned around iii on the way out of Concord there was a bridge which was a choke point The Americans gathered on a hill on the other side and opened fire on the concentrated British forces had to close together go across the bridge making them a easy tight target allowing the Americans to pull down fire due to the casualties across the bridge Survivors had marched all way back to Boston and Americans continued to trap the British all the way back on the march back the British took 20 casualties means when talking about war its not just talked bout killing but some wounded injured taken out of action etc d yes this was just a fight but it was a particularly big and brutal fight i ii iii KG3 is extremely mad at the Americans because how big of blow the Americans had on his troops therefore it made it difficult to mend the differences between the Americans and KG3 the king learned of the battles and the 20 cont make him angry a 2 Word Spreads committees of correspondence i ii 3 4 5 they spread the word of the battles very quickly and what happened however the message was changed to yet again for no good reason the British are trying to take away our constitutional rights right to bear arms they British were attempting to take away weapons from them there constitutional right to bear arms Arrival of Aid to Boston a this fits into the pattern that the colonists are upset about Americans are mad they had the British soldiers trapped in Boston this aid that was showing up were forming from militas in colonies to unite together to help trap the British the colonies responded to the news that was being told and sent help to Boston i ii the New England colonies were the ones sending help the southern colonies were afraid to send their militiamen in case of their absence it would cause the slaves to revolt i ii the king hears of everyone s support and celebration and it makes him more mad i instead they sent supplies and their moral support They sent aid in rhetorical help practically saying there are still on their side this is not helping the process of mending relations b c d Fort Ticonderoga a b c This fort was where the next place the war continued at this fort sat at the southern tip of Lake Champlain biggest fear Americans have is that they British still have troops in Canada and a way through lake Champlain so therefore they want to prevent it from happening i the colonists were worried that the British would send troops across the lake and surround their soldiers outside of Boston d e sent the Green Mountain Boys to protect fort i Ethan Allen was their leader of GMB and are given the assignment to take Fort Ticonderoga so British don t come through Lake Champlain the fort was lightly defended by the British troops because there were no current wars And their biggest threat was the French who were already gone i ii it was mostly stationing convalescent soldiers and their families everyone including the sentries was asleep during the Attack from GMB They literally walked in woke them up and caught them with their pants down and captured the fort once King George III learned of the capture of this fort he was more mad than before learned that the Americans have captured and attack his soldiers super pissed Biggest fight that occur Boston was located on the tip of a peninsula touching Boston Harbor the key to the British being able to stay in Boston was a series of hills 2 up North and 2 big ones south i ii one located to the south was called Dorchester Hill weren t worried about Americans on the south the two to the north were called Bunker and Breeds hill if the Americans were able to get guns on those hills to the north they could bombard the British in the city put troops on boats to sail into breeds hill to fight Americans d Breeds Hill north hill i the Americans there were not real soldiers had regular jobs and are being told that they have to stand on top of a hill and fight against the world best army f g Bunker Hill north hill a b c 2 ii this battle is where the famous line Don t fire until you see the whites of their eyes originated they said this because the Americans weren t trained soldiers and the guns in that time were unreliable at best Made Americans look like there are so powerful brave REAL REASON if he commander knew that if shots were just randomly fired by these untrained solider their shots would not be accurate enough to hit the troops every time iii The battle The British troops charged the hill and took a lot of casualties of their own They regrouped and charged again again continuing to take large numbers of casualties Americans continued to hold fire On their third charge from the British troops after yet again they regrouped the Americans were out of ammo and they fled iv v the British soldiers captured Breeds hill However they had 50 in casualties extremely high when breeds hill failed they took Bunker Hill to there was no actual battle located on Bunker Hill Battle is famous because the British suffered 50 percent casualties One big impact why bunker hill is so famous cause British realized that they need to hold off fighting the Americans because if they keep fighting they will loose the army so the British don t attack the Americans for a whole year after therefore giving time for Americans to prepare vi IMPACT difficult to mend relationships with the Americans and doesn t even want to continue to deal with them When King George III hears of the large number of casualties he is pissed once again ultimately making it vii Therefore fight just gets worse turning It into a big war to form II 2 nd Continental Congress 1st met to destroy Intolerable Acts 2nd met in response to what had happen in Lexington and Concord 1 The Mood a 2 The Extremes a the mood of the representatives was mixed i ii on one hand excited and hey were

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