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WALDEN NR 305 - Lecture Note

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Provision of health support in primary schools● Independent access for young people (i.e. With no requirement for an adult to access The service on their behalf)● Advocacy and brokerage into a range of Other services● Liaison with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service to bring their workers out into Non-traditional settings in the communityWhilst young people had been involved in The setting up and advertising of the outreach Project, a community health project manager Drove it forward and developed it into a young Peoples’ independent access service named Face 2 Face. It had one central access point for youngPeople in the community and six school based Outreach ‘drop in’ clinics operating on a hub and Spoke approach. This example raises questions About the role of the practitioner in community Development and the extent to which they move Beyond being a catalyst and facilitator.The Leyton Community Health Project was Nationally acclaimed as a best practice example And formed the basis of a further bid for regen-Eration funding. However it raises key questions About the sustainability of initiatives and their Continued funding. Where new services have been Developed as a result of community consultation Their potential for exerting a powerful infl uence onMainstream service provision should be actively Pursued as shown here in the development of the Young people’s service. However, once projects do Become mainstream there is always the potential For them to become subject to organisational pres-Sures and lose their drive and innovation.Measuring the effects of community develop-Ment initiatives on health is a complex under-Taking. This is partly due to the need to measure Changes in a broad range of social, economic And environmental factors encompassed within Community development approaches, many of Which may take years to be evident. More tradi-Tional research methodologies may also not be Able to adequately refl ect the need for outcomeMeasures that are sympathetic to the differing Agendas of the various interest groups involved. The extent to which evaluations of

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