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WALDEN NR 305 - Lecture Note (Skills)

Course: Nr 305-
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Skills required for community developmentBuilding relationships Multi-agency, community and inter-professional joint planning With key partners and consultationAppropriate organisational Facilitative approach; confl ict management; group work experience And leadership stylesCommunication with Speaking the language of diverse groups and organisations People at different levelsHumility Accepting other people’s ideas and knowledge; egalitarianismMaintaining confi dentiality Awareness of potential dilemmas and confl icts of interest within and Between groupsFlexibility Working across boundaries; managing changeNegotiating skills Dealing with resistance; setting realistic time-scales; not promising Things you cannot deliver; securing organisational backingAwareness of equal Anti-discriminatory practice; sensitivity to issues of gender and race OpportunitiesAccountability Clarity of roles and responsibilitiesAdvocacy/lobbying Empowerment in everyday decision-making; providing choices about, And infl uence over, service provisionEvaluation skills What have the benefi ts been to the community, short/long-term?Research awareness In-built, dynamic research approach; utilising evidence-based practiceTeam working Working and learning togetherInterpersonal skills Strengthening social relationshipsHealth promoter Skilled in health needs assessment and building healthy public

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