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I have always wanted to be an athletic trainer, so I thought Anderson University’s professional kinesiology program would help me figure out more about this role. Becoming an athletic trainer has been a dream of mine because I enjoy helping others and I am athletic meaning I would have good experience. However, during my time in kinesiology has made me discover that I have more interest in becoming a nutritionist. I think eating in the right way is very important to everyone’s daily lives, especially ones who have certain diseases or sickness. My dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2015. He made poor decisions when it came to food before he was diagnosed. Having a better diet could have meant different things for him in life. When my dad was sick, he could hardly eat because of the chemo treatment and seeing him like that was the toughest situations I had been in. Becoming a nutritionist would be an honor formy dad because I would like to help others eat healthier to prevent sickness or help othersIntro (10 points) Why did you choose your current field?- Provide a significant statement about the influences that influenced your decision in this career path.- Integrate personal, professional, religious, and educational experiencesthat may have impacted your choice to pursue this career path.History of your chosen field (include references and citations)- A minimum of 5 foundational sources in NLM format- Should describe thoroughly the development of your field from inception to modern day.- Conclude by describing major turning points or influences that have directed your field and provide a statement that shows the continued trajectory of your career path.Reflection on your shadowing experiences, and how those experiences reflected what you learned in class.- Utilizing your shadowing experiences reflect upon how the day to day experiences that you observed are reflective of your expectations of that career field.- Integrate content from classroom lectures, activities and discussions that were evident in your shadowing.- Highlight and describe how the contact hours you observed will serve you in further networking experiences in the field.The integration of the pillars. Taking information from chapters 13-19 and apply that information to your field. Integration and impacts applied to your chosen field.- Select a focus chapter from part 3 in the text (integrating the pillars) Ch. 13-19- Highlight the specific characteristics of the chapter.- Provide a detailed description of how this area impacts and integrates with your chosen

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