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MC NUTR 101 - Designing an activity intervention

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Designing an activity interventionDescribe a realworld setting where you could conduct your intervention ensure that this setting is meaningful to you:Describe the approach you would take and why this approach would be suited for your given setting:Design your intervention, what are the specific things that your intervention will include? How will you impliment this program? Provide step by step detail.Communicate your intervention, describe how you plan to communicate your intervention to your setting.Create a flyer that will recruite participants to your intervention.DESIGNING AN ACTIVITY INTERVENTION DESCRIBE A REALWORLD SETTING WHERE YOU COULD CONDUCT YOUR INTERVENTION ENSURE THAT THIS SETTING IS MEANINGFUL TO YOU: In an elementary school because you want to be clear that your physical education is important when you are young so that you can use what you learned throughout the future of your life.DESCRIBE THE APPROACH YOU WOULD TAKE AND WHY THIS APPROACH WOULD BE SUITED FOR YOUR GIVEN SET TING: The approach that I would take is doing a presentation so that the audience understands how serious I am about making exercise better for children. I would maybe do a slideshow and have a planned speech in my head. Also bring a college athlete in so they can explain what their experience was like in school.DESIGN YOUR INTERVENTION, WHAT ARE THE SPECIFIC THINGS THAT YOUR INTERVENTION WILL INCLUD E? HOW WILL YOU IMPLIMENT THIS PROGRAM? PROVIDE STEP BY STEP DETAIL. - Presentation on how a better physical education for children can be beneficial for them in the afterlife- Explain how physical education can be taught in a fun way COMMUNICATE YOUR INTERVENTION, DESCRIBE HOW YOU PLAN TO COMMUNICATE YOUR INTERVENTION TO YOUR SETTING. To get others to know about this intervention, flyers will be handed out in elementary schools. The information in the intervention will be presented by a PowerPoint and having a speaker come in. Explain how just one hour a day of physical activity can make a huge difference CREATE A FLYER THAT WILL RECRUITE PARTICIPANTS TO YOUR INTERVENTION.Be Active. Go Outside. Play.To learn more about this come to the gym at the elementary school Monday morning at 8

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