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NMSU ICT 435 - VCenter – Powershell Scripting

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ET/ICT 435 Senior Project ProposalVCenter – Powershell Scripting - AD This project involves implementing VMware’s powershell tools to automate the process of setting up the lab environment for the ET 464 and ET 255 courses. This would include creating and testing the powershell scripts that create the resource pools, creates virtual switches, and deploys virtual router VMs that are named based on a list of student names. Details of the project:Create powershell scripts that will create all the necessary objects and permissions in a VCenter environment to set up a complete course infrastructure for ET/ICT classes. The objects to be created are:1. Resource pools for each student named: LastNameFirstName2. A Virtual Network Switch for each student: FirstNameLastName3. Deploy an OVF template that is a monowall router VM for each student. During the deployment the script needs to connect the first network interface to a Virtual switch named “zExternal” andthe second and third network interfaces to the student’s Virtual Network Switch created in step 2.4. Deploy two OVF templates of Ubuntu and CentOS virtual machines named using the OS name and student’s first name like: Ubuntu-Rosemary and CentOS-Rosemary. This will also have to check for duplicate first names so that if there are two students with a firstname Rosemary it willadd the First letter of the last name to the VM name.The following Permissions will need to be set:1. Students should have vcenter “Administrator” rights to the resource pool created in step 1 that coincides with their name. This permission should apply to child objects also.To create a full environment for creating and testing the scripts, a VCenter appliance will need to be deployed and configured to use Active Directory (AD) authentication. Since AD authentication will be used, a Windows server with Active Directory and sample student accounts will also need to be create. The environment for creating the VCenter Server and AD server will need to be defined, then the rewources requested. The Windows Server 2016 180 day demo iso will work and the VCenter ISO can beDeployed Virtual MachinesResource PoolDomainUserAccount Resource PoolET/ICT 435 Senior Project ProposalVCenter – Powershell Scripting - AD downloaded from the Microsoft – VMAP site at OnTheHub. An account should have been set up for students

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