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Accounting Field

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Miami University, Oxford
Acc 221 - Intro to Financial Accounting
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Lecture 25 Outline of Previous Lecture  Section 24: Goodwill  Goodwill o What is goodwill? o Calculating goodwill o Day of acquisition o No goodwill o Goodwill into accounting system Outline of Current Lecture  Section 25: Accounting Field  Jobs in Accounting o Fields o Opportunity o Typical workday Current Lecture  Section 25: Accounting Field  Jobs in Accounting o Fields  Internal Audit  Financial Accounting  After 3-5 years, many make the decision to either stay in public accounting and move towards becoming a partner, or switching to corporate accounting and moving up that way o Opportunities  Internships important, specifically between summer of junior and senior year. Many apply at spring ice  Look for candidates who are professional, direct, and know where they want to go  Often, successful internships will lead to job offers o Typical workday  Busy season and regular season  Audit: September – February (50-60 hours)  Financial: December – March  Generally work with one client for 1-2 weeks, auditing and going over everything in accounting process  Get to know each client well, work in various industries ACC 221 1st Edition

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