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CSU BUS 150 - BUS 150 Homework #1 Notes

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Cadena 1Kristen CadenaBusiness Computing Concepts and ApplicationsBUS 150: Notes on Homework #1Electronic Lectures Homework Notes:1. 7 Gmail Features To Make Your Life A Lot Easier (1:52 min.)Feature 7: Send and Archive-Go to settings in your Gmail account (Settings appears on the cog wheel) and then scroll down to where it mentions “Send and Archive” and turn this feature on! -“Send and Archive” allows you to send messages and have them saved!Feature 6: CTRL and compose-You may use this feature if you hate Gmail’s compose window when you are composing a new e-mail -“CTRL” and click compose button on a PC turns this feature on -“cmd” and click compose button on a mac turns this feature onFeature 5: Search for attachments -Type “has: attachments” into search bar in g-mail and any e-mails with attachments will pop up Feature 4: Search by Size -allows you to locate e-mails in a size range if you have an e-mail in mind but aretrying to find it by its size-You may type things like “Size: 1m” or “Size: 1k” and g-mail will find anything bigor as bigger than the unit after the colon-1k=1kb, 1m=1mb etc... Feature 3: Canned Messages-If you hate sending the same e-mails over and over, save the text that you can use over and over with just a click. -Enable this setting in 3 steps: 1. Turn on “Canned Messages” in settings 2. Save a new message 3. Use the canned responseFeature 2: Dots don’t matter at all in e-mail addresses -For example, [email protected] is the same as [email protected] Feature 1: Undoing sent messages-Turn on this feature in Settings-Once you send an e-mail, it will tell you “Your message has been sent” and right next to it, will also say “Undo” if you didn’t mean to send it or would like to “undo” e-mailing it. 2. Gmail Tutorial 2014 – Quick Start (17:17 min.)Cadena 2-When you want to copy someone on an email but do not want the recipient to see who you copied on the email, use the bcc option.-A lot of this tutorial is self-explanatory, but the bcc option is something I learned from it!3. TEDxWarwick – Doug Belshaw – The Essential Elements of Digital Literacy-Literacy depends on context. -Menu systems rely on branching logic—you choose one option and then you getsub-options as a result. -Literacy is not just reading and writing! -Meme: an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture -LOLCATS and Success Kid are examples mentioned in this TED talk -IDEA + TOOL(S) + COMMUNICATION= MEME- ELEGANT CONSUMPTION-------------- REMIX (Should actually be abovethis end) - Digital literacy is a condition, not a threshold.- Digital literacies are context-dependent and they need to be socially negotiated.- Digital literacies lie between individual interest and important issues- Eight essential elements of digital literacies: cultural, confident, creative, critical, civic, communicative, constructive and cognitive.- REMIX is at the heart of these digital literacies.- Digital literacies change over time.- We need to encourage people to remix stuff. Daniel Pink’s To Sell is Human notes:Book Introduction and Chapter 1 Notes: -“Non sales-selling” is something we are all engaged in, according to Daniel Pink on page 3. He defines non-sales selling as persuading, convincing, and influencing others to give up something they’ve got in exchange for what we’ve got.-We have a bogus definition of selling. Many people associate trickery, deceit, and purchases with selling, but according to Pink, everyone is engaged in a different kind of selling. It's the kind where we attempt to move someone through our own influence, persuasion and convincing, and the kind where no purchases are involved. -1 in every 9 American workers works in sales.-America’s sales force outnumbers the entire federal workforce by more than 5 to 1.Cadena 3-Technology has not actually had the negative effect on sales that people would think. Sales continue to be an important part of life.-1 in 10 people in Australia are sales people.-13% of those in the European Union work in sales.-Non-sales selling is defined as selling that does not involve anyone making a purchase.-In the U.S., 24 minutes of every hour are dedicated to moving others.-In the U.S., 40% of time at work is engaged in non-sales selling.-The older we are, the more experience we have, and the more moving others occupiesyour day and determines your professional

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