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CSU BUS 150 - Challenge Yourself 2-4-solution

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123456789101112131415161718192021222324A B C D EIncome Source Amount Expense AmountEstimated monthly net income 2,000.00$ Monthly Income 21,600.00$ Financial aid award(s) 2,400.00$ Monthly expenses 12,420.00$ Other income 1,000.00$ Semester expenses 7,400.00$ Total 5,400.00$ Difference 1,780.00$ Expense Amount Expense AmountRent 1,100.00$ Tuition 6,000.00$ Electric 60.00$ Other fees 50.00$ Cell phone 120.00$ Lab fees 350.00$ Groceries 300.00$ Books 800.00$ Auto expenses 250.00$ Transportation 200.00$ Student loans 350.00$ Total 7,400.00$ Other loans -$ Credit cards 200.00$ Semester length (months) 4Insurance 160.00$ Laundry 45.00$ Medical, dental, and vision expenses20.00$ Entertainment 250.00$ Miscellaneous 250.00$ Total 3,105.00$ Semester BudgetMonthly IncomeAvailable IncomeMonthly ExpensesSemester ExpensesBudgetSAMPLE

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