VCU RELS 317 - Final Exam Study Guide (3 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Lectures 8-10

Study Guide
Virginia Commonwealth University
Rels 317 - Islam
Islam Documents
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RELS 317 1nd Edition Exam 3 Study Guide Lectures 8 10 KEY TERMS Ibn Sina Stressed the importance of gaining knowledge and based a theory of knowledge of on four criteria sense perception retention imagination and estimation Muezzin The person appointed at a mosque to lead and recite the call to prayer five times a day Wudu Washing body parts using water in preparation for formal prayers as well as before reading the Qur an Minaret means lighthouse a distinctive architectural feature of mosques tall spires with an onionshaped top Mihrab a semicircular niche in a wall of a mosque that indicates the qibla Qibla It indicates which direction Muslims should pray during salat this is found within a qibla Eid ul Fitr Festival of breaking of the fast marks the end of Ramadan Hajj Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca a mandatory religious duty which is indicated in the five pillars of Islam Tariqah a school of Sufism the mystical teaching and spiritual practices of Sufism Al Ghazali considered to be a renewer of the Islam faith considered to be the most influential Muslim after Muhammed Dhikr The equivalent of a rosary in the Catholic tradition a religious exercise in which short prayers are repeated Fana The Sufi term for passing away a break down of an individual s Sufism Islamic Mysticism life giving core of Islam Great Western Transmutation changed European society from thinking traditionally to rationally Westernization a process in which societies come to adopt Western culture Madhists Believes in the coming of a messiah that will judge the world at the end of time Sayid Ahmed Khan a social activist in India promoted Western style scientific education because he felt that Muslims felt threatened by the strictness of Islam Muhammad Abduh an Egyptian reformer felt that Islam should remain very conservative and looked down upon any contemporary views Talfiq To follow more than one opinion of different Imams Ijtihad independent reasoning the decision making process in Islamic law through personal effort Salafiyyah Zia Gokalp a Turkish sociologist a Turkish nationalist Mustafa Kemal created Kemalism a philosophy that began the transition between multi religious multi ethnic Ottoman Empire into Turkey Wahhabism ultra conservative form of Islam Hasan al Banna Founded the Muslim Brotherhood and since has had a huge influence on Islamic thought Sayyid Qutb a leading member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and was convicted of plotting the assassination of the Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser Ayatollah sign of Allah a high ranking title given to experts in Islamic studies in regards to ethics and philosophy Fatima Mernissi an Islamic feminist who analyzes women s role in Islam Amina Wadud an Islamic feminist noted for suggesting women as imams Hijab a head scarf worn my Muslim women as a symbol of modesty Malcolm X an American activist who was a member of Black Muslims and led the US Black civil rights leader The Green Book Written by Muammar Qaddafi a guide to Islamic socialism Muammar Qaddafi Ruled Libya gave himself more power by de emphasizing the Sunna and emphasizing the Qur an Qur an is more broad sunna is more specific Fundamentalism the belief in upholding the strict and literal interpretation of any type of scripture Sword Verse Violent verses within the Qur an that describe the killing of nonbelievers Key Themes from Films Documentaries Sufi Soul The Mystical Music of Islam The film shows Sufis gathering around in a circle and listening to entrancing music all around the world the gatherings are similar and they are all interconnected by music Sufis justify their gatherings as Islamic because it connects them to other Sufis even though there may be a language barrier music connects them all Westerners find this music compelling because it is easily mixable into electronic music and it is very trancelike Me and the Mosque The filmmaker decides to travel to different mosques in hopes to find that mosques are not separating women from the rest of the prayer space Her mosque used to have men and women pray together now it is starting to separate the women from the men The filmmaker is trying to make the point that Muslim women had more rights when the religion was starting up because their opinion was valued And it is not so much today God and Man Nasr argues that the science in the West is corrupting Islam and all other world religions He says this because scientists are busy trying to find evidence for things that are unexplainable He proposes that there should be a happy medium between science and religion with science not over stepping religion

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