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UGA CSCI 4800-6800 - SmartphoneUIDevelopment

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Implementing User Interfaces for SmartphonesPlatforms to consideriPhoneGetting started with iPhoneBlackberryBlackberrySlide 7Google AndroidThings to remember …CSCI 4800/6800E. Kraemer9/2/2009Apple iPhone SDK◦iPhone University Programif/when UGA legal signs off …Blackberry Smartphone API and SimulatorsGoogle AndroidMac lab in Miller Learning Center8 Macs ordered for 307 lab (hope they arrive soon).BUT … until UGA signs off, we can’t install the iPhone SDK on University computers.However, if you own a Mac, you are free to download the SDK at:download the SDK◦this can take 2+ hours, depending on your connectionwatch the “getting started” videosread the “Getting Started with iPhone OS” document, which links to:◦iPhone OS Overview provides a high-level introduction to iPhone OS and its technologies.◦Tools for iPhone OS Development provides an overview of the tools you use to create iPhone applications.◦Learning Objective-C: A Primer provides an introduction to the Objective-C programming language used for iPhone development. The document is targeted at existing C and C++ developers who want a simple introduction to the Objective-C language so that they can start writing code.◦Creating an iPhone Application gives you a guided tour through the code of the MoveMe sample application, which displays custom content and responds to user interactions with that content. See:Intro video:Java Application Development Website for Development -◦launch site for all Java Development information and resources JDE Plug-in for Eclipse for BlackBerry Development◦information and download for the Eclipse Plug-In to integrate the API, Simulators, code signing and other technical components for BlackBerry Handheld DevelopmentLearning Resources for Java Development◦learning resources from our website including Sample Code, Tutorials, Video Libraries, etc. Support- variety of support options for development efforts including our learning resources, an Online Developer Forum and incident based support opportunitiesJava BlackBerry API 4.7The 4.7 API, which is relevant to the current Storm ModelTo begin:◦Watch videos and decide on Blackberry Browser DevelopmentRapid Application DevelopmentJava Application DevelopmentDownload tools & simulator for selected approachWork through tutorials Create “hello, world” type app to run in simulatorDownload Android SDK◦On the videos tab, the “about the platform” tab: Androidology, parts 1, 2, and 3Go to the Dev Guide tab, and read along Implement and run the Hello World tutorialI am learning along with you.Office hours: T – Th, 11-12 and by appointment. (Boyd 415)I don’t answer email as quickly as I used to.◦[email protected]I will adjust content to meet the needs of the groups in the classThis is

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