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Sir Walter Raleigh financed this colony and then lost it
This woman was banished from Massachusetts Bay for teaching that good works were not a sign of salvation.
Anne Hutchinson
This colony was almost wiped out completely in the Massacre of 1622
When John Smith was in charge of Jamestown, mortality rates fell dramatically for this reason
he made the colonists farm
Most of the people who attended the 1621 event often referred to as "The First Thanksgiving" belonged to this ethnic group
Indian, Algonquin, Wampanoag
This system granted 50 acres of land to every person who paid his own passage to Virginia
During the winter of 1609-1610 (known as the "Starving Time") nearly 90% of the population of this colony died
Early English settlers in Virginia encountered a powerful Indian confederacy led by this man
The second Roanoke colony was planted in the same place as the first Roanoke colony for this reason
pilot refused to take the colonists to the Chesapeake, privateering
This proponent of English colonization helped Sir Walter Raleigh convince Queen Elizabeth I to allow him to colonize in North America
Richard Hakluyt
In 1619, the first Africans brought to British North America were purchased in this colony
Most early 17th century immigrants to the Chesapeake fell into this occupational category
indentured servants
Most indentured servants failed to serve their full term of service for this reason
they died first
Virginia elites pursued a policy of white solidarity after this event
Bacon's Rebellion
Most Chesapeake planters chose to buy indentured servants rather than slaves in the early 17th century for this reason
economy, slaves were more expensive but died as quickly as indentured servants
Slavery in the early 17th century Chesapeake was often fluid for this reason
cosmopolitan slaves, lack of slave law
Indentured servitude differed from service in England in the early 17th century in this way
length of the time they served, servants in England got wages and servants weren't to be worked to death, in America servants time could be traded
The first law explicitly linking race and slavery in Virginia was passed during this event
Bacon's Rebellion
After 1660, newly freed servants had trouble obtaining this valuable commodity in the Chesapeake
After Bacon's Rebellion, black slaves were forbidden to do this
strike a white person, marry a white woman, or own property
It was the first representative assembly in British North America
House of Burgesses
This document provided the basis of representative government from 1620-1692 in Plymouth
Mayflower Compact
The Mayflower Compact was signed for this reason
Pilgrims got blown off course and landed outside of where they had jurisdiction
Representative government was introduced in Virginia for this reason
to make the colony more attractive to settlers
Only church members could vote in colony-wide elections in this colony
This administrative unit replaced several representative bodies with an appointed council in the 1680s
Dominion of New England
The lack of legal government in Massachusetts Bay may have helped to spark this infamous crisis in the late 17th century
Salem witchcraft outbreak
MassachusettsBay lost its charter, which had allowed the colony to govern itself, after an investigation into this event
King Phillip's War
Royal governors in Virginia allowed the House of Burgesses to meet for this reason
they found they could not govern without it
This king revoked the Massachusetts Bay charter which had allowed for representative government
Charles II
Separatists were so called because they wished to separate from this English institution
Church of England
Christopher Columbus believed that he could get to Asia from Europe by sailing west because he made this mistake
believed the Earth was significantly smaller than it is
This man led a group of 600 Spanish soldiers and an undetermined number of Indian allies to overthrow the Mexica/Aztec Empire.
Hernan Cortes
This was part of the Colombian exchange
disease, iron technology, Christianity, draft animals
Spanish conquest in America resulted in this problem in Europe
inflation or war
Richard Hakluyt hoped that a North American colony would allow impoverished Englishmen to live productive lives. Why were so many people in England living in poverty?
inflation, population growth, enclosure
The Dominion of New England was intended to accomplish this
unified defense, suppress dissent, enforce navigation acts
Colonists in Northeast rushed to overthrow English military dictator, Edmund Andros, in the wake of this English event
Glorious Revolution
This woman invaluable to Hernan Cortes because she acted as an interprete
This Catholic monarch created the Dominion of New England
James II
This cash crop probably saved the Virginia colony
This religious doctrine teaches that God decided at the beginning of time who will be saved or damned and that there is nothing human beings can do about it
This primary reason mortality was so high in the first decade of settlement in Virginia
colonists did not grow food
This ship-based practice ultimately undermined the first Roanoke colony
Mortality rates in 17th century New England were much lower than in the Chesapeake for this reason
more familiar climate, absence of semi-tropical diseases, colonists farmed
New Englanders responded to a perceived "declension" in religiosity by turning to this covenant
Halfway Covenant
Wampanoag Indians in New England chose to ally with English colonists for this reason
defense against hostile Indians to the west
This is one of the reasons King Philip gave for going to war
Pushing Christianity, interfering in succession, criminal prosecutions of Indians, destroyed crops, encroaching on land
The initial settlers at Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay encountered only small groups of Indians for this reason
smallpox epidemic (disease)
The death of this man sparked King Philip's war
John Sassomon

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