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The Spanish did not have a large enough population to completely take over the Texas region, so they planned to station _______________ throughout the land.
The Spanish planned to invite _________ into the territory to prevent Americans from coming in in the future.
Speak Spanish, convert to Roman Catholicism, give up slavery
The Anglos allowed into the Spanish territory were required to:
Manifest destiny
Mexico was in the way of the United States' idea of ____________ _____________.
Texas revolution
In order to overcome Mexico and fulfill manifest destiny, the United States fed the ___________ ________________.
In 1836, Texas had decided that it wanted to be a ______________, meaning that it would off-balance congress and was not immediately annexed.
In debt
After winning independence from Mexico, the Republic was horribly _____ _______.
Henry Clay, 10, annexing
___________ __________ proposed the idea that the United States should buy the northern territory of Texas for _______ million dollars, bringing it out of debt and ____________ the state.
Beneficial groups
The large size of Texas makes it difficult for _____________ __________ to form.
Theatrics, antics
Texas is unique politically because of the use of ___________ and _________ in political campaigns rather than actual substance. (God and guns!)
Because of Texas geography, it is extremely divided in _____________.
Old South
Today, East Texas represents the _______ _________.
True or False: The Battle of the Alamo was a battle for Texas independence and had nothing to do with the respiration of the Constitution of Mexico.
In terms of Native Americans, the __________ dominated Texas and were joined by the Karankawa, Apaches, and Coahuiltecan.
By the 1790s, only about ________ Spanish-speaking citizens resided in Texas
The word "Texas" stems from various translations of the word "friend" from the Caddo language
Sam Houston was the ______ president of the Republic.
True or false: Same Houston pushed Texas to join the United States the entire time he was in authority, and as the Civil War approached, he opposed Texas secession and was kicked out of office.
Do not
States do/do not have the right to secede.
Two unique rights that Texas has compared to other states is that it can break into ____ different states and fly its flag as high as the US flag.
Black codes
After the civil war, the government was still enforcing _________ _________.
It was not until ________ that black marriages were legal.
Texas went through ______ constitutions. (1836, 1848, 1860, 1866)
13th, 14th
Texas refused to ratify what two amendments?
Prohibition ultimately led to the organization of _______.
One-drop rule
_______________ was the primary port for smuggling alcohol.
Transportation, states
_____________________ of alcohol between __________ was the only sector of the 18th amendment that was preserved.
In 1901, Spindletop occurred, which was the first discovery of _______.
Dustbowl, stockmarket crash, failure of banks
In the 1920s, overproduction flooded the market, followed by what other three economic disasters?
WW2, segregation
In the 1950s, after ________, Americans had come home to an attidue of white supremacy and _____________.
Brown v. Board of Education had no effect until the ___________.
Economy, size
The Texas __________ is 2nd to California and 2nd in ________ to Alaska
Texas recently became a ________________ state, meaning that Texas does not have an overwhelming majority of one ethnicity.
Education, healthcare
______________ and ___________ are the largest sectors of Texas economy.
________________ is the small sector of Texas economy.
Unitary, confederate
__________ is a government consisting of no division of political power, while in a ____________ government, everything is divided at the bottom.
The United States decided to create ___________ after witnessing the issues that come with the European political system(s).
Federalism is a __________ of unitary and confederate systems.
When discussing international affairs, the term ________ is used to describe a governed region such as Germany.
Vertical federalism
In this type of federalism, the powers are distributed up and down. (i.e. the supremacy clause)
Horizontal federalism
In this type of federalism, the powers are distributed across a plane. (i.e. privileges and immunities clause)
Fiscal federalism
This type of federalism revolves around money. (i.e. controlling education with grants, raising legal drinking ages)
________________ powers are specifically given to the federal government by the Constitution (i.e. treaties)
_____________ powers are those not specifically given to the federal government, but instead given to the states/people (i.e. 10th amendment, medicare)
_________________ powers are shared by the states and federal government, consisting of the same power at different levels (i.e. taxing and spending)
Categorical, block
______________ grants consist of a specific purpose, while _________ grants can be used for virtually any reason (i.e. state improvements)
Roe V. Wade
Griswold v. Connecticut
Commerce clause
Homestead Act
French, Spain, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederate, United States
List the 6 flags of Texas
Hernandez v. Texas
In Texas, Latinos were facing the same discrimination as blacks in the Old South. However, in this case, Texas argued "no" because Latinos have always been considered "white", which is not true.

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