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Joe Avoli
works for ATL Falcons PT centers
what was the name of Joe Avoli's business and when did he sell it?
started Athens Therapeutics in 2002 then sold it in 2010
what is the type of health care that Joe Avoli advocates for?
"holistic" health; meaning that all aspects of the person's life is taken into account
what is the Illness/Wellness Continuum?
-"scale" used to measure patients' health  - left end is illness, middle is "neutral point" = normal health, right end is extreme fitness
who is at the "healthiest" end of the IWC?
people in the 5 "blue zones" - demographic or geographic regions of the world where people life longer lives  - Sardinia, Italy; Okinawa, Japan; Loma Linda, CA; Icaria, Greece; Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
what are some common characteristics of the "blue zones"?
- nonsmokers - plant based diets (high in fiber) - constant moderate physical activity - family is focus of life - socially active and integrated in community
when does "modern medicine" begin?
around 1850s
the American Medical Assoc. was founded when?
who is a candidate for PT?
- any person who has limitation to their functional abilities (whether acute, chronic, or congenital)  - has potential for improvement beyond their current level of function - is medically stable enough to participate (ICU = unlikely)
what is involved with the initial evaluation?
- understanding patient history - gathering baseline data - identifying problems - set goals - create treatment plan
what is the PT documentation format?
SOAP S = subjective reports (pain level) O = objective data (ROM, strength, etc.) A = assessment (setting appr. goals) P = plan (set frequency and duration)
what are some examples of treatments in PT?
- therapeutic exercises (develop strength, ROM) - neuromuscular reeducation (improve balance, posture) - aquatic therapy  - manual therapy (manipulations, massages)  - modalities (electric stimulation, ultrasound, taping)
what is the most important part of PT?
education!  teaching the patient home exercises and self management for PT, as well as general tips on nutrition, etc.
what are some of the different end results of PT?
- goals met & program completed  - progress has plateaued  - requires further alternative treatment (surgery, etc.)  - non-compliance (attendance, participation, effort, etc.)
Chris Mason's subject
adapted PE and motor behavior
what are the goals of adapted PE?
design exercise programs for individuals with disabilities
what careers benefit from having knowledge of adapted PE?
PE teachers, strength and conditioning coaches, PTs, etc.
who is the head of the kids motor development clinic?
Dr. Horvat
what program can UGA students get involved in at the development clinic?
8 week program where mentally and physically disabled children come to Athens to work with the clinic
what is something the Chris Mason is passionate about?
improvement of movement = increasing the opportunities for exercise for disabled children
Who is Emily and what was she working on?
little girl with Down Syndrome  - working on balance, coordination, hand/eye coordination, etc.
Who is Thomas and what major goal did he meet while in the program??
teenage boy with cerebral palsy who took his first unassisted steps during the program
what is a benefit of the program for students?
- learn better communication skills, how to adapt different methods to different needs, and opens new world of career opportunities
Dr. Julianne Schmidt's subject
sport concussions
what is Dr. J. Schmidt's primary research focuses?
- reducing the risk of sport concussions and improving current post-concussion evaluation techniques  - improving on-field emergency management for cervical spine injuries
Sports are _____ only to motor vehicle accidents as the leading cause of concussions among young people
what medical condition can result from multiple concussions? And what research method is being used to try and determine which hits cause concussions?
- chronic traumatic encephalopathy - in-vivo head impact biomechanics (helmet with sensors that record magnitude of hit and which areas of the head impacted the helmet)
why are some athletes at a greater risk of concussions?
females and younger athletes have weaker cervical muscles than adult males
why do players with heavier facemasks have an increased risk of concussions?
because the facemasks pull the head down, causing more impacts to hit the top of the head which are more dangerous
why is visual performance important in concussion prevention?
- can the player see the incoming collision? - is the player "prepared" for the impact?
what are the different parts of the evaluation process?
- graded system checklist  - neuropsychological exam - balance assessment
what is the goal of improving on-field management of cervical injuries?
- preventing secondary injury by minimizing time and movement
what is being done to aid the treatment of cervical injuries?
- quick release facemasks on helmets allow medical professionals to assess and reach the injury more quickly without effecting head stabilization
Dr. Thomas Baker's subject
sport law
what is Dr. Baker's school and practical experience?
school = Loyola Univ. -> UF practical = district court, attorney general's office, commercial litigation, risk management
what are some professional careers in sport management?
pro sport, interscholastic sport (NCAA), youth sport ($$$), sport law, event management, athlete management, etc.
what is the downside of working in sport management?
you're working while others are playing but that's how you tap the leisure money
what are some legal careers in sport?
sport agency, NCAA compliance, league/conference executives, arbitrators, sport officials, etc.
why is law school a good but maybe not the best option?
- practical experience is becoming more important - pool of law graduates exceeds the number of available jobs
Grace Olson's subject
sport broadcasting
what advice does grace olson give to those trying to get into the broadcasting field?
don't burn bridges b/c everything and everyone is connected and you never know when those connections will come in handy
what is some other advice Grace Olson gives?
- stand out but be yourself  - devote the time, energy, and effort to what you want - don't let others hold you back
what is the most dangerous sport for female athletes?
Kay Graham's subject
occupational therapy
occupational therapy is 1 of the top ____ careers to get into
what is the "scope of work" of occupational therapy?
more of a holistic approach (involves cultural, anthropologic, psychological, etc. aspects of life)
where can an OT work?
school systems, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, etc.
what is an "occupation"?
- any meaningful work, play, or daily living tasks
what "systems" are considered in OT?
- person (values, habits, abilities, etc.) - environment (social expectations, physical objects, etc.) - adaptive processes
OT is the ____ best job in 2014
why is there a growing demand for OTs?
aging population, expanding chronic disease, etc.
what was the mean salary for OTs in 2012?
Dr. Michael Schmidt's subject
Physical Activity Epidemiology
what is epidemiology?
the study of the distribution and determinants of health and disease in human populations
who is the father of epidemiology and why?
John Snow = discovered how cholera outbreaks occur and how to stop them
what are the differences between population and clinical medicine?
population - focuses on community - includes people at risk for developing disease - control of disease and primary prevention clinical - focuses on care of individuals - secondary prevention
what are the goals of epidemiology?
- study the distribution of frequencies and patterns of health events (who, what, where) - attempt to search for causes or factors associated with risk of developing disease (how and why)
how do you calculate relative risk and what does it mean?
RR = risk in active group/risk in inactive group - if risk = 1 (no association) - if risk > 1 (positive association)  - if risk < 1 (negative association)
what are some medical conditions influenced by physical activity?
depression, stroke, obesity, cancer, osteoarthritis, etc.
what are the physical activity guidelines for children and adults?
children = more than 60 mins of aerobic PA everyday  adults = 75-150 mins aerobic PA every week
Jesus Soares' subject
CDC and Prevention, PA, and Public Health
what guides the CDC?
- Nat'l PA plan (policies/programs that aim to increase PA in America)  - community guide (resource for public health professionals to choose programs for the community) - winnable battles report (key areas that need attention = tobacco, teen pregnancy, HIV, nutrition, etc.)  - healthy…
what are some job opportunities at the CDC?
epidemic intelligence service, oak ridge institute, internships, and career training
Jordan Otto and Brian Axe
ATF Falcons sales dept
what advice did Jordan and brian give?
- having multiple internships and working in volunteer programs WILL help you get to where you want, but only if you'll make the sacrifices - be realistic and be willing to compromise  - take advantage of as many opportunities as possible
what did Jordan and Brian say about interviews?
- do some research beforehand on what positions are available, what the company does, etc. - build resume with things that relate to what you want to do
Stan Kanavit
- former UGA football player - entrepreneur
what business did Stan start?
EvoShield  - manufactures protection gear for sports
what is the "major" accomplishment of EvoShield?
official protective company of MLB
how does the heart stop when it's hit by a ball?
- has to be between 30 & 50 mph - must hit between heart beats
how does EvoShield prevent the heart from stopping during an incident?
the special shirt prevents the ball from penetrating the chest by diffusing the impact
what advice did Stan give about business?
- can't always hire your BFF - must be financially savvy in order to grow and stay afloat
what are some of EvoShield's biggest competitors?
Under Armor, Nike, Wilson, Riddell, Shot Dr., etc.

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